10 Unique Beauty Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2019


There were many surprising beauty trends in 2018, from flannel hair to cleansing oils to jade rollers. But believe it or not, 2019 is going to be jam-packed with even more glitz, quirkiness AND realness at the same time. Can you handle it? We’re seeing plenty of beauty on the inside and outside inspiration. We predict the following fabulousness will be huge in the upcoming year. Scroll for a first look into the trends you’ll be seeing over the next twelve months. We’re already pinning our favorites!


Naturally Colored Tresses

Kylie Jenner
kyliejenner, Instagram

2018 might’ve been the year of technicolor tresses, but 2019 is about stripping away the unicorn-inspired looks and embracing your natural color — the one you were born with. In the last 12 months, Consumers are seeing reviews for hair bleach and lighteners decrease by 48 percent, permanent hair color decrease by 34 percent and even semi-permanent hair color decrease by 25 percent. If this doesn’t prove the rainbow hair colors of yesteryear are fading out, I don’t know what does.

And as if that wasn’t convincing enough, the data-driven platform also reported that reviews of hair color removers and faders increased by a staggering 538 percent. Just think of how much cash you’ll save when you don’t have to sit in a salon every couple of weeks to touch up your blue (or green, or purple, or orange) roots!

This Includes 50 Shades of Gray!

Gray Hair is pretty.
silverdisobedience, Instagram

If you’ve been on the fence on growing out your gray hair, this just might be the year to commit, since natural, silver locks are trending for 2019. Already rocking your grays? Keep your tresses healthy and shiny by using a sulfate-free shampoo,

Gray hair is a natural side effect of being human. Yet the drugstore aisles are loaded with DIY hair dye. If you’re someone that fears going gray, your first instinct may not be to flaunt it.

However, gray and white hair can serve as style accessories that slay. Older stars have paved the way for natural gray with stunning results, and some younger women are embracing gray with dye jobs in silver, white and every tone in between.

Clothes Can “Pop” with Neon


Bold and bright neon is back and better than ever! But this isn’t about ’80s overload. Follow these simple style tips from Lilliana Vazquez and you’ll look right on trend for 2019.

Don’t pair it with black; it’ll look too harsh! Do pair it with neutrals, like camel or gray, to make it feel sophisticated. Don’t wear head-to-toe neon. No one wants to look like a highlighter.
Do wear one neon item at a time to add a fun pop. Do look for a variety of colors like pink, yellow, green and yellow.

Big Color for Standout Pouts

Standout Pouts
prep.social, Instagram

Kiss your boring, clear glosses buh-bye! Vivacious, statement lips are gaining momentum for 2019, and why not? A colorful pout is a quick, stylish way to amp up a bare-faced look with a pop of color for the office or happy hour. Editors, Milk Makeup Lip Color ($22; sephora.com) promises a bold, punchy demi-matte kisser. If you’re color indecisive, then you’re still good because loads of companies are putting out lip color palettes in trios or more.

There’s also a plethora liquid matte lipsticks on the market, which can amazingly deliver high pigment color without drying out your lips. Brown lip color is also back. The ’90s had a lot of dark liner, and sometimes solely liner, looks but the 2019 version is all about natural and neutral. “Instead of flat browns that were so popular, it will be a hint of brown, earthy, but with a warmer undertone,” says Murphy. “Somewhere between a brown lip and your actual lip color.”

Expressive Eyes

Expressive Eyes

What’s next in beauty? The focus shifts to dramatic, bold eyes. Lashes and innovative mascaras are set to have a moment, too, thanks to trend-setting icon Pat McGrath, who majorly played up lashes at the Prada and Versace fashion shows. And perhaps more innovatively, highlights of white eyeshadows are cropping up. The secret of white eyeshadows consists of the amazing ability to radically change even the shape of the eyes. For these purposes, the eyeshadows were applied under the eyebrow, and now we move to the inner corners of our eyes.

We do this with confidence, without the fear of overcoming the contour, to the bridge of the nose – the brighter the eyes, the better. On the movable eyelids, you can apply golden makeup, and the lashes can be twisted with a special pinch and applied black mascara. The eyebrows remain as natural: it only needs a brush and a transparent gel fixer, but more about it later. Pinterest searches for foiled eyeshadow have increased by 169%. And into the new year, that percentage is expected to continue rising.

Almond, Ombre Nails

Almond ombre nails
Chroma Nails

There are at least three trends going strong. Between expensive salon services and DIY tricks, there are hundreds of ways to paint, shape, and style nails. But in 2019, ombre-colored nails are expected to be the most popular.

To achieve this particular trend, try a press-on manicure or ombre nail stickers. Not only will this give you a better gradient effect, but it could also save you time and money. For shape, there’s a new king in town, which is neither square nor super pointy. Almond nails are named as such due to their rounded off edges that resemble an almond nut. The nails come to a rounded point at the tip, and are smooth all the rest of the way around. The next time your manicurist asks if you want “square or rounded” nails, the answer is “almond, please.” Believe it or not, the new nail shape for 2019 is named for the soft, rounded shape of the nut. If you want to showcase the latest almond trend, hold off on hitting the nail salon until you’ve built a strong base.

Twiggy Eyelashes

Twiggy eyelashes

The legendary doll look of Twiggy is back to the beauty scene for this fall thanks to Gucci, Prada, Rochas and many other world-famous fashion houses, the shows of which were marked by the playful makeup looks of the models featuring super-long and thick eyelashes that could be spotted from afar. The dramatic and mysterious ‘1960s Twiggy makeup style comes to ideally match the romantic and melancholic mood of fall, spicing up your mainly minimalistic looks with a touch of extravagance. Perhaps no makeup ever looks as special and innocent, as the Twiggy doll-like look, which is yet another reason for you to embrace this chic beauty trend this fall (Check out our Sixties Inspired Twiggy Makeup Tutorial to be able to rock this look as skillfully as possible).

DIY Facials With Cupping and Gua Sha Stones

DIY Facials
Sandra Lanshin Chiu

“The trend of glowing bare skin will take-on more speed and be “the look” for the Spring and Summer. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is great fun from time to time, but waking up looking this good is heaven. All day, every day! Supplements targeted to support skin health will also take more traction as spring approaches. Nothing can replace a healthy, clean, diet as far as your skin is concerned, however, there is compelling research to support the benefits of ingested supplements such as collagen, Omegas, Biotin, and Melatonin (yes! Melatonin for skin, not just for sleep!) to name a few.

At home tools such as facial cupping, gua sha stones, light therapy will be more common in your favorite beauty retailers. Whether it is at home tools or ingested supplements, it’s extremely important to follow instructions, dosing directions and contraindications with other medications you may be taking. Here’s a tip: for at home tools, always practice on the inside of your thigh before using it on your face.” — Joanne DeLeon, Skin Therapist Heyday LA.

Natural Eyelash “Lifts” with Castor Oil and Facials with Witch Hazel

Lash Lift
vikkiclarkpermanentmakeup, Instagram

People are giving their eyelashes a lift with natural solutions like castor oil, grapeseed oil, and aloe vera to draw attention to their peepers. A quick search on Amazon yields loads of options. While it may sound straight out of Hocus Pocus, using old-school products like witch hazel for skincare is going to be very popular for 2019. Calming components and antioxidants in witch hazel can help soothe bug bites and stings, and rashes from poison ivy or oak. It’s also thought to aid acne, oily skin, puffy eyes, and sunburn.

More, More, Did We Say More? Mesonutrients!


Macro- and micronutrients have been part of our health vernacular for a while now, especially for those who record everything they eat (using apps such as MyFitnessPal). Macros are your fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and micronutrients are minerals and vitamins.

Mesonutrients are next level. These nutrients focus on what’s inside, ie. the active ingredients and compounds within the food that have direct health benefits. For example, the super-compound in turmeric is curcumin, celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. In order to extract the optimum dose of this active ingredient from the root (400mg), 10kgs of dried turmeric powder would have to be added to food. So beyond macro and micro-counting, a good knowledge of mesos allow us to carefully tailor our supplements too (if in doubt about what to take, ask a doctor to assess any deficiencies).

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