15 Celeb Diva Demands That Will Make You See Them Differently

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“We did manage to source the doves that we were going to release into the sky, but the kittens proved terribly difficult.” When a source told The Daily Mail what Mariah Carey’s hotel arrivals required, the staff were clearly having trouble.

In 2018, Ariana Grande actually defended her “diva” status on Carpool Karaoke. James Corden couldn’t resist asking Ariana about a reported request to have her tour manager “carry” her. “My toes were bleeding,” Ari explained after outlining that she’d just done a shoot in pointe shoes.

Celeb divas. When the ego builds up, the demands are right there with it. #Sweetheart might be the vibe, but there’s a powerhouse of stringent requests forming the backbone. Beyonce? She requests $900 titanium straws and hand-carved ice balls. Rihanna is as fussy with her flowers as Katy Perry is. JLO reportedly “ghosts” her own in-flight attendants (on her private jet), Star reports.

When it comes to celebrities, we see them how they want to be portrayed. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber all have pro marketing teams who help manage their social media and brands. If it’s a Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, “rights to edit all footage” as per The Mirror should answer your questions. Kris Jenner has even admitted: “They’ve always said we have, you know, the right to edit and to approve all footage.”

Some of the demands go that little bit too far, though. It’s time for a closer look. Here are 15 super-popular celebs whose diva demands might just have you seeing them in a different light.


Ariana Grande: Won’t Be Photographed From The Right

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There isn’t much you can slam Ariana Grande with (and if you’re trying to, don’t bother). The girl who made “Thank U, Next” a literal phrase is now the most-followed woman on Instagram, the face of Reebok, and she’s got her own “Cloud Macchiato” Starbucks drink. Well, she is called Ariana Grande. Cosmo reports that Ari has her requests, though.

Ariana was “checking each frame” and “asking for shots she wasn’t pleased with to be deleted.” Photographer “rules” are “from the left side of her face.”

We aren’t entirely sure how much of a rumor this is, but seeing it definitely made us see this sweetheart in a different light. “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored” might be the song of the moment, but don’t count on Ariana necessarily being as easy-going as she seems.


Kylie Jenner: $10,000 A Year On Takeout Included A “Single Carrot”

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The era of disrespecting Kylie Jenner is over. The former spoiled teenager who spent her days swanning around mansions on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now a 21-year-old mother, CEO, and the world’s youngest billionaire, as BBC reports. Still, when you’re a KarJenner, you’re entitled to a “diva” streak.

In 2015, Kylie Jenner appeared on The Ellen Show. The Sun reported that Kylie “refused” to use Ellen’s hair and makeup team, alongside stipulating that she needed two VIP parking spots– Ms. Jenner wasn’t up to walking from the parking lot to the studio– “less than a block away.”

In 2019, fresh headlines appeared as The Daily Mail reported Kylie spending a staggering $10,000 on takeout in one year alone. A “single carrot” formed part of one Postmates order. Well, we wouldn’t expect anything else from the world’s youngest billionaire.


JLO: 7 Limousines To Travel 3 Blocks

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JLO is making all kinds of headlines right now. The March 2019 news that Jennifer Lopez is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez came with a beyond-romantic Instagram update. That fist of a ring should be indicative of the standards to which this singer is accustomed to.

JLO required  a “convoy of seven limousines to escort her” from her London hotel to lunch. The distance was a mere 200 yards. “Jenny From The Block” might own the block itself, but she won’t walk it.

While Hello covered JLO’s transportation demands, it was The Daily Mail who reported Jen’s “meltdowns” over something as simple as sunflower seeds. “David’s or Planters sunflower seeds (with shells),” Jen’s list states. “Twelve bottles of water, honeydew melon, and soft-baked chocolate chip cookies” form a snippet of JLO’s hotel room demands. A diva she may be, but we’ll always love Jennifer Lopez.


Justin Bieber: Fridges “Must Be Glass” (Plus Backstage Jacuzzis & 10 Sedans)

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There are no two ways about it– Justin Bieber is an A-Lister. The “Sorry” singer is now one of the most powerful figures in music, although he’s as much known for dropping beats as he is for his high-profile romances. It all fell apart with Selena Gomez, but in 2018, Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin. Business Insider reports:

Organic bananas, white cheddar popcorn, Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt, plus Ritz Bitz peanut butter. Organic turkey, alkaline water, and fridges that “must be glass.” Justin’s escort requires 10 luxury sedans. His chill zone is a backstage jacuzzi.

Justin has definitely taken a bit more of a holistic route of late. That’ll be the “special Indian Yoga Casket (with jasmine, rose, and camphor incense sticks) leaked on Twitter. This guy’s Drew clothing line might be scruffy, but the demands are anything but low-maintenance.



Beyonce: Hand-Carved Ice Balls To “Soothe Her Throat”

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With a joint net worth of $1.16 billion according to Forbes, Beyonce and Jay-Z are likely the richest couple in music. “Crazy in Love” was back in 2002, but this husband and wife duo are long past the early days. Dominating R&B and rap, Bey and Jay come with the glam, the entourage, and Beyonce herself definitely knows what she wants, as Business Insider and The Daily Mail report:

$900 titanium straws and hand-carved ice balls to “soothe her throat.” Food requests also include: “Juicy Baked Chicken (must be seasoned), and steamed spinach (lightly seasoned).”

The Lemonade singer also requires Joe Malone or comparable Grapefruit candles, room temperature to be set at 72 degrees, and all food to be served on a “crisp white tablecloth.” With an awesome personality, Bey is mostly forgiven for her demands, but you can’t deny the evidence.


Mariah Carey: 20 Kittens, 100 Doves, No “Busy” Patterns

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“Whitney, Mariah, the divas.” When Ariana Grande rode along with James Corden for her 2018 Carpool Karaoke appearance, she reminisced back to the “divas” she grew up listening to. Ariana wasn’t wrong. Mariah Carey is now 48 years old. Her net worth, as per Forbes is a mind-blowing $535 million. She’s got the demands to match.

20 doves, 100 kittens, and “confetti-shaped butterflies” were Mariah Carey’s hotel arrival requests as she arrived at London’s Dorchester Hotel, The Telegraph reports. Staff there said: “We did manage to source the doves that we were going to release into the sky, but the kittens proved terribly difficult.”

Mariah’s “bits and pieces” requests also include 8, tall leafy plants, Joe Malone candles, plain couches (no “busy patterns), 75-degree rooms, plus 12 protein drinks and 12 liters of Fiji water.


Kanye West: Imported Versace Towels, Carpets Can’t Be Too “Bumpy”

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Kanye West applies his perfectionist streak to everything he does. It doesn’t matter if it’s music or fashion– this man is organized. With a reputation for outlandish statements and a Twitter feed backing them up, the husband to Kim Kardashian is demanding, but he’s mostly misunderstood. People quickly forget that Kanye is also a loving father of three. There’s something else he loves, though.

Kanye’s staff must wear “all-black.” His towels (new) must be Versace and imported. Kanye is also particularly fussy regarding carpets. Having them ironed is his solution towards “bumpy” carpets– apparently, unacceptable.

As NME reports, Kanye’s bodyguard has said that the rapper “never apologizes.” Covering his attitude as well as his demands, the media outlet further reported requests of: 24, 500ml bottles of non-carbonated spring water (not purified), 12 cans of assorted soft drinks, 3 lemons cut into wedges, Throat Coat Tea, 1 bucket clean ice, and white grapes.


Lady Gaga: Flaxseeds Must Contain “No More Than 4 Grams Sugar”

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With a statement name and a wardrobe that outdoes most stars, Lady Gaga always was a “show.” The Joanne singer may have shown us her natural beauty with A Star Is Born, but Gaga comes as an act. It’s wigs, shades, meat dresses, and platforms for this singer, although her backstage demands are just as unique.

Admittedly, while the “veggie hotdogs on toothpicks” are rather adorable, the rest of Gaga’s demands fall somewhere between “diva” and “bizarre.” Glamour reports Gaga requiring water-stocked Green Rooms, mannequins with “puffy pink [adult] hair,” plus Queen posters.

It’s when you get to Lady Gaga’s flaxseeds that your head explodes a little. While this singer is health-conscious, her stringent demands of “no more than 4 grams sugar” for those flaxseeds is, to us, a touch demanding. Well, she is Lady Gaga!



Khloe Kardashian: Treating The Hospital “Like A Hotel”

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Nobody is topping headlines more than Khloe Kardashian right now. The news that Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thomspon were “involved” was enough for Red Table Talk to run a full Jordy interview– she maintains that a “kiss” was the limit of her involvement, but Khloe is now a single mother. Which brings us nicely to the 2018 birth of Khloe’s daughter, True.

“They’re acting like it’s a hotel, not a hospital.” Khloe’s birthing demands required a tub “suitable” for underwater birthing and 1,000-thread-count sheets (that “must be gray”).

While a rep for Khloe has dismissed the demands as “nonsense,” the above quote from a Gossip Cop source nevertheless points towards a slight diva streak from Khloe. With her fun personality and awesome sense of humor, Khloe remains loved (although perhaps not by hospital staff).


Rihanna: Archipelago Black Forest Candles, “Icy-Blue” Chiffon Drapes

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Rihanna is only 30 years old. With double-platinum records, her PUMA partnership, and Fenty Beauty set to out-sell both KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics as per Harper’s Bazaar, you’re looking at way more than just a singer. RiRi is an authority. Business Insider has a long list of Rihanna’s demands, and we’ve got to say, this is one picky lady.

“Blue or black drapes layered with icy-blue chiffon.” That’s for the rooms that must have “1 plush and animal-print throw rug, 1 humidifier,” and candles (that aren’t your average ones). Rihanna requires Black Archipelago Black Forest Candles, plus square vases with white tulips, white Casablanca lilies, and absolutely “no foliage.”

In a way, demands this specific are a sign of perfectionism. It’s a trait that’s necessary in this industry. Whether it’s fashion, music, or lipsticks, putting in the effort without the attention to detail won’t get you anywhere. For RiRi though, that trait comes with a #Extra.


Christina Aguilera: Employs Someone Purely To “Massage Her Feet”

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Christina Aguilera may not be racking up the Instagram followers on a Nicki Minaj level, but this lady has her fans. With a whistle register and power voice that has already gone down in history, Xtina remains enough of an inspiration for Kylie Jenner herself to pick Christina as her Halloween inspiration. The demands are there, though.

“Under no circumstances are the vehicles to encounter any delays due to traffic.” An actual demand from Christina. For comfort, Christina has an employee on the payroll to massage her feet at 30-minute intervals.

As Pop Crush reports, The Voice judge keeps someone on-hand should her tootsies need a foot rub. The Sun reported Christina’s rather bizarre traffic demands which, yes, included a “ban” on traffic during her NYC visit.


Katy Perry: “Cream-Colored Egg Chairs” And No Talking

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“White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses, peonies– ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” When The Smoking Gun listed Katy Perry’s tour rider demands, caps were actually used for the carnations. Katy Perry is now one of the best-selling artists of recent years. Over 70 million of us are following her on Instagram. Katy has her demands, though.

“It’s crazy,” a source told The Huffington Post about Katy’s demands– in particular, that Perry is reported to have a “no talking” rule. Yes, you literally can’t speak to her. Make sure that her room has cream-colored egg chairs, though. As to food, while it’s demanding, we’ve got to say that Katy has good taste:

Blue corn tortilla chips, 6 Vitamin Water Zero (assorted flavors), and fruit and veg platters all sound tasty. Quite how you’re supposed to bring this to someone without ever speaking to them is a mystery, but we’ll assume that Katy has ways around that.


Taylor Swift: Super-Specific Starbucks Orders

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With an Instagram account that’s mostly #NoMakeUp, Taylor Swift isn’t your average diva. This girl is more about sweeping side bangs, snuggling up to cats, and you won’t see Tay-Tay emptying Louis Vuitton in one go. Taylor Swift’s demands are specific, although we can’t help but feel they’re up there as the most adorable.

Pre: 11 a.m.: 1 grande iced caramel latte with 2 Sweet’n Low, 1 grande iced Americano with 2 Sweet’n Low and soy milk. Also, 1 pint B&J chocolate chip cookie dough, plus 1 pint B&J chocolate brownie frozen yogurt.

As Business Insider reports, Taylor expects the above Starbucks order to be ready and waiting should she arrive at her hotel before 11 a.m. She also requires Kraft mac and cheese, Twizzlers, and a stick of butter. Admittedly, pretty cute.


Britney Spears: Princess Diana Portraits And Cheeseburgers (No Buns)

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Britney Spears never forgot her humble Louisiana roots. With tens of millions to her name, the “Baby One More Time” singer has spent the last 20 years becoming the legend she is today. Dressed-down in parking lots is mostly what we associate Britney with, although her demands are pretty unique.

As The Smoking Gun reports, Britney’s tour rider demands focus on cleanliness, health, and her apparent obsession with Princess Diana. Britney requires: 24 Ivory soap bars and 240 full-sized cotton towels (that must be washed if new).

In her dressing room, the Toxic singer seems to also require a portrait of the late Princess Diana. For the #Noms, it’s McDonald’s, but not as you’d eat it. Britney likes her cheeseburgers without the bun. We expected the McDonald’s, but the rest almost makes us see Britney in a different light.


Kourtney Kardashian: Nannies Must Address Her As “Madam”

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Kourtney Kardashian is exploring a brand-new business venture. Her lifestyle brand, Poosh is set to launch in 2019, although for the moment, it’s promo pics only. This Kardashian mother of three has spent the best part of the last decade battling it out with her baby daddy, Scott Disick. Don’t think that Kardashian moms come without nannies, though.

She asked me to call her madam at all times,” a nanny said about Kourtney. Not doing so resulted in “meltdowns.”

As OK! reports, a former nanny to Kourtney revealed that a very specific title is to be used when addressing Kourtney. Honestly, we’re struggling to see any truth in this. Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows Kourtney as the most-relaxed of the Kardashian moms. Less into glam squads and more into trampolines, Kourtney seems chill, but this report didn’t come out of thin air.

Kylie Jenner– that one might have been expected. As to Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Justin Biber, and Taylor Swift? Hit share on Facebook for anyone who needs to see this.

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