15 Celeb Kids With The Weirdest Names

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It’s basically what we’re expecting from the fourth Kardashian baby. With a May 2019 due date, the upcoming child to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will likely break the internet the minute he’s named. While @worldrecordegg managed to overtake Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Instagram announcement, it’s worth noting that the record-breaking 16 million likes were for a baby update alone.

Cardi B. Beyonce. Kylie Jenner. Gwyneth Paltrow. Just a handful of the high-profile celebs who’ve gone very “Hollywood” with their baby names. 14 years ago, it was Gwyneth Paltrow pulling a #FoundingFather of the “weird” baby name craze. Naming her daughter Apple Martin would likely have broken the internet (if there was a decent one to break), but things were more print than Pinterest back then.

“Anything else would’ve been basic.” When Cardi B appeared on SNL in 2018 to explain her choice of baby name, she didn’t need much explaining. Kulture now flies by private jet, she rolls around in designer strollers, and she’s just another celeb kid with a #Statement name.

If we had to hand anyone the crown for topping the weird baby names, it would 100% be the rappers. Weaving words is what they do for a living, and these artists don’t hold back when it comes to naming the baby. Future named his kid Future. Pharrell Williams went with Rocket. Master P’s kids are called Mercy, Percy, Hercy, and Vercy.

It’s time for a round-up of the best, weirdest, and most bizarre celeb baby names. Here are 15 of them.


Kylie Jenner: “Really Doesn’t Know” How She Thought Of Stormi

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby girl just turned one. With her head blown up into an inflatable, the entryway to Stormi’s lavish birthday party was just the start. Stormi Webster is arguably the most famous baby on the planet (and she might just well be the cutest). Kylie herself has admitted that she doesn’t know how she came up with the name.

“I really don’t know how we thought of Storm. Her dad insisted it was him, but I feel like it was me. And that kind of just stuck with us. And then I didn’t really like just Storm — I didn’t feel like that was her name. So then it became Stormi. And it just stuck. “

Speaking to her sister, Kim via ES, Kylie added: “I feel like Stormi picked her own name like it was just her name.” Weird it may be, but this kid is pulling off her name like nobody’s business.


Cardi B: Kulture, “Anything Else Would’ve Been Basic”

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Cardi B is the “something different” rapper that nobody can get enough of. She’s got attitude. She’s hilarious. Cardi B’s honest Instagram account is as popular as her chart-topping music. This 26-year-old comes with a baby, though. Kulture arrived in 2018.

“Anything else would’ve been basic,” Cardi told SNL about her choice of name. While Cardi mostly keeps her baby out of the spotlight, she is happy to talk about motherhood. Cardi told W Magazine: “When Kulture was born, I felt like I was a kid again; everything was making me cry, and I needed a lot of love. I be feeling like, Do babies know who’s they mom?”

It’s a weird name– no two ways about it. Pulling off Kulture is best-reserved for exclusive Hollywood zip codes. Worth a shot as a regular parent, but running around a playground in Michigan with a name like Kulture could get tricky.


T.I.: Messiah Ya’Majesty

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T.I. might not be topping charts like Travis Scott or Post Malone, but this rapper has done well for himself. The “king of the South” also happens to have quite the baby portfolio. He is a dad of six. We zoomed right in on T.I.’s eldest son, Messiah Ya’Majesty. Yeah, that’s one that was designed to make you do a double-take.

T.I.’s six kids are called: Messiah Ya’Majesty, Heiress Diana, Domani Harris, Deyjah Imani, and Major Philant.

In a way, we almost wanted to include at least three of these on our list. Easily out-doing rappers like Kanye West and The Game, T.I. earns his slot on this list for being as creative as he is “Hollywood” with his baby names. Credit where it’s due, though. With rappers having somewhat of a reputation for spending very little time with their kids, this guy’s little ones are all over his Instagram.


KimYe: North West Is Their “Highest Point Together”

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2013 may seem a way back in the Kardashian world, but it hasn’t been forgotten. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first child nearly six years ago, and this girl is already a bonafide A-Lister. North West is the super-unusual, admittedly very witty name that plays on Kanye’s last name (and totally works).

“The way she explained it to me was North means ‘highest power,’ and she says that North is [Kim and Kanye’s] highest point together.”

As The Hollywood Reporter quotes Kris Jenner saying, North wasn’t chosen randomly. While the direction name is a bit wacky, these parents were looking for something deeper than just your average off-beat name. North now comes nicknamed as “Nori.” She has her own fan Instagram accounts (plus Vogue writing entire articles on her wardrobe).


Beyonce & Jay-Z: Blue Ivy

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Please– it’s Beyonce and Jay-Z. The biggest couple in music do as they please (and that includes the names they pick for their kids). Bursting with talent, inspiration, and a $1.16 billion joint net worth as per Forbes, Bey and Jay are the #SolidAsTheyCome couple who are now parents to three kids.

Blue Ivy came first. In 2017, she was joined by twins, Sir and Rumi. As Heart reports, Beyonce took to Tumblr to give fans a cryptic hint as to why she chose Blue Ivy. “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths…the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance.”

The text comes from the book, A Field Guide to Getting Lost. Fans couldn’t help but notice that the “IV” in Blue Ivy make up the Roman numerals four, though. Bey and Jay have a long history of loving the number four.


Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple Martin

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Name your kid after a fruit these days, and you’ll barely raise an eyebrow. Back when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple Martin though, the world wasn’t quite used to the crazy baby name trend. The actress’ daughter is now in her teens (and a total mini-me).

“People did talk about Apple a lot! My husband named her. I loved it straight away. I thought it was so unique and sounded cool.”

In an interview with Today’s Parent, Gwyneth opened up about her then eight-year-old daughter. Maintaining that Chris Martin, Apple’s father had chosen the name, the Avengers actress added: “Yeah, and I [said], ‘Ask you father!” should her daughter ever question her somewhat-bizarre name. Gwyneth and Chris Martin are also parents to a boy named Moses.


Tyga: King Cairo

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Tyga has a knack for staying front-page news. In 2018, it was for “taking credit” for Kylie Jenner’s fame and success, as AOL reports. If you’re wondering where the link is, Kylie and Tyga were an item back in 2016. Tyga became a father at just 22. His baby momma also has an interesting Kardashian link– Blac Chyna also has a baby with Rob Kardashian.

King Cairo is the name of Chyna and Tyga’s son. It’s definitely out there. It’s definitely “statement.” The name also taps into the much-loved location baby name craze. Cairo is the capital of Egypt.

Paris Hilton may not seem novel, but this girl may well have been the inspiration for celebs naming their kids after places. Victoria Beckham went with Brooklyn. Kim and Kanye named their daughter Chicago. Michael Jackson himself went with Paris. King Cairo is, well, really quite something.


Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Bronx Mowgli

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This one will forever make “weird celeb baby name” lists. Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson might not be the world’s highest-profile couple, but these two went all out with their baby name. In 2008, the couple’s first child was born. “What’s in a Name, When It’s Bronx Mowgli Wentz?” E! News asked.

A baby name expert, Pamela Redmon Satran told the media outlet: “This is really about the couple making a play for attention. It’s just another element of celebrities using kids as publicity.” Harsh, much? The Bronx is, of course, a borough of New York City. Mowgli is well-known from The Jungle Book.

Pete himself told MTV: “The Jungle Book is something me and Ashlee bonded over. It’s really cool.” It’s when the dad comes out and explains the name that it gets way better. It also seems slightly less wacky now that we have an explanation.


KimYe Part II: Saint & Chicago

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If you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, you’ll know that her beyond-adorable baby girl recently turned one. An “Alice in ONEderland” party basically now sits neck-and-neck with Stormi’s first bash– Chicago’s party came with a maze, Mad Hatters, and full Alice in Wonderland themes. Chicago joins her older brother, Saint.

“We were gonna name her Jo, because my grandma Mary Jo … Or we were going to go with Grace … and then it was Chicago.” Chicago is named after Kanye’s hometown.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, Kim admitted that her third baby didn’t follow the family’s unspoken rule of “short” and “one syllable.” Saint, however, does follow it. Kanye reportedly believes that people “live up to their names,” as Baby Gaga reports.


Michael Jackson: Blanket

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In 2017, The Telegraph reported that Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket had changed his name after “years of bullying.” This celeb kid now goes by Bigi. It’s sadness all-round when it comes to Michael Jackson’s family. The kids lost their father young. In 2019, their names are being trawled across the media in the recent wake of Jackon’s child abuse allegations.

“The kids live like Michael is constantly looking down upon them,” the newspaper reported “[But Blanket] has had the most problems adjusting after Michael died.”

Michael Jackson didn’t do much in a regular way. His music was ground-breaking, his dance moves have yet to be topped, and clearly, this singer was up there with the baby names. Blanket was infamously dangled over a balcony by his father as an infant.


The Game: Cali Dream

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It’s a rapper thing, right? Only these guys can name their kids with biggest #Extra ever and totally pull it off. The Game is a rapper who knows what the California Dream is. Jayceon Terrell Taylor, a.k.a. The Dream was raised in the low-income district of Compton, California. Less about the mansions and more about the breadline, this guy had it tough.

In 2010, The Game welcomed his daughter, Cali Dream. This one doesn’t need an explanation. It’s glam, it’s location-based, and it 100% represents what The Game has achieved.

Cali Dream features regularly on her dad’s Instagram. Either it’s shots like these, or ones that really show that The Game spoils his daughter. One pic simply shows his little girl posing with quite a few Louis Vuitton bags.


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul: Story

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With the 2019 confirmation that a Breaking Bad movie will happen, the iconic TV show’s cast is once again back in the news. Aaron Paul is best known for playing the comical, smart, and somewhat-irresponsible character, Jesse Pinkman. While Jesse was a million miles from father material, the actor himself is one. Aaron had an interesting path to naming his baby girl, Story.

“That night we actually bought our unborn baby a leather jacket, and we went to a chapel to get married.” Story is named after the “story” of Aaron’s romance and fatherhood journey.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Aaron outlined how Vegas went: “And, no joke, we took $200 and won 16 grand on blackjack. This is a true story.” And there we have it. This actor met his wife at Coachella, they fell in love, and now they come complete with their adorable little Story.


Khloe Kardashian: True (And Discovering Some “Home Truths”)

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Nobody is making headlines quite like Khloe Kardashian right now. The 2019 news that Jordyn Woods “kissed” Tristan Thompson, as per her Red Table Talk interview continues to make front-page news, but Khloe is now a single mother. In 2018, Khloe became a mother at the age of 34. Her daughter is named True Thompson.

“FUN FACT… my Grandfather’s name on my Dad’s side was True Otis Houghton….my real Dad’s name was Robert True Houghton…so i am so excited Khloe named her daughter True!!!”

As Harper’s Bazaar reports, Khloe took to social media to explain that True isn’t as wacky as it seems. The name actually runs in the family. There’s a touch of irony to the “home truths” that Khloe has discovered since becoming a mother, but the love is all there.


DJ Khaled: Lion

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DJ Khaled might well have the biggest personality in music. The producer who collaborates with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B comes with a signature look, a signature pose, and one little buddy who follows his daddy everywhere. “Father of Asahd” is a phrase you’ll hear Khaled saying in his tracks. The name means “lion.”

“Every morning I tell Asahd: I love you. But the truth is, he got me. He’s what gives me hope and purpose. My legacy, my love, my lion.”

This social media quote is literally #NoWords. It’s one of the most powerful things we’ve ever heard (and it’s enough to make you melt). Asahd was born in 2016. His birth was live-streamed on Snapacht. We’re expecting great things from this kid.


Chief Keef: Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart

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You save the best ’til last, right? Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart is the baby name that caused such a stir when Chief Keef chose it, The Independent ran a story on it. The rapper’s record label made a statement to the newspaper, where promo seemed to be higher on the agenda than you might think.

“Alki David has announced that Chief Keef and his newest baby mama have agreed to name the newborn Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart in order to promote the release of Sosa’s double album Bang 3 with FilmOn Music and MondoTunes on September 18.”

Dot com is basically part of our everyday vocab. Putting the internet-centric phrase into a name is a whole different story.

If you were expecting Stormi and North West on this list, we can’t blame you. Hit share on Facebook for anyone who might not know about the others (or anyone who just needs a reminder).

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