15 Celebs Who Ended Up Marrying The Same Person Twice

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In Hollywood, relationships are a big deal. Celebrities are constantly followed by the paparazzi and every person they date, even just for a short amount of time, is captured on camera. The public speculates as to how happy the couple is, what drama they may be experiencing, and how things will turn out in the long run. So, it comes as no surprise that marriage in Hollywood is tricky. Some couples manage to make it work for decades, while others split up just months after tying the knot. It’s really dependent on the relationship itself and the two people within it.

Sometimes, you’re not even sure if it’s the right fit the first time around. These celebrities thought they found love once, ended up tying the knot and then separated. However, either a year later or even a decade later, they realized they made a mistake and that they really were meant to be with the person they were married to before — so they walked down the aisle again with the exact same person! Sometimes, it takes a while to realize you’re meant to be. Of course, for some of these celeb couples, things didn’t work out after the second trip down the aisle either, but hey — love is complicated.

While there are many celebrities out there who haven’t gotten married yet, the celebs on this list have gotten married at least twice — to the same person! None of them have gone as far as marrying the same person three times, but stranger things have definitely happened.


Pamela Anderson And Rick Salomon

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Pamela Anderson may be best known for her relationship with rocker Tommy Lee, but there was another major man in her life as well — professional poker player Rick Salomon. The two fell in love and got married in 2007, but less than a year later, they realized things weren’t right and ended up splitting. However, after a little bit of perspective and a few years, they ended up walking down the aisle again together in 2014 — only to have history repeat itself and to separate a year later.

As Anderson spilled on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “it’s like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good. It’s not gonna be good the second time.” Yikes!


Eminem And Kim Scott

Marion Curtis/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

To say Eminem has had some relationship drama over the years would be an understatement. His relationship with high school sweetheart Kim Scott/Kim Mathers has been majorly tumultuous. The two got married way back in 1999 when they were still young, and then ended up divorcing two years later. Then, in 2006, they ended up getting back together and deciding to give marriage another try — and ended up divorced within the same year. The one good thing to come from their relationship is their daughter Hailie Scott.

We’d like to think that Eminem and Kim have learned their lesson by now, but who knows — perhaps they’ll walk down the aisle a third time in the decade to come.


NeNe Leakes And Gregg Leakes

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

We can’t imagine being on a reality television show is easy on even the strongest marriage. After all, your marriage essentially is being analyzed by viewers around the world — yikes! After about 14 years of marriage, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and her hubby Gregg Leakes decided to part ways and divorce in 2011.

That wasn’t the end of the Leakes’ love story, though. Somehow, divorcing made them both realize what they had back when they were married, and they rekindled their relationship. They ended up tying the knot a second time in 2013, and things have been going strong ever since.


Melanie Griffith And Don Johnson

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Many younger fans of Melanie Griffith’s will only know her relationship with actor Antonio Banderas, who she was married to for nearly twenty years. However, before they were an item, Griffith was head over heels in love with Don Johnson. She met the handsome actor when she was still a teenager, and they ended up dating once Griffith was 18 — and married in 1976. They split up, then reconnected and tied the knot again in 1989. At that point, they had their daughter Dakota Johnson, who went on to have a career in show business just like her parents.

Johnson and Griffith split again in 1995, and then Griffith ended up finding love with Banderas not long after. However, who knows — perhaps they’ll reunite once more, later in life.


Elon Musk And Talulah Riley

C Flanigan/Getty Images

Though Elon Musk is obviously busy with his entrepreneurial ventures, he’s also managed to find a fair chunk of time for romantic endeavours. He was married to Canadian author Justine (Wilson) Musk for nearly a decade before falling for a British actress, Talulah Riley. Musk and Riley ended up tying the knot in 2012, after two years of dating. However, nearly immediately after they took the plunge, they realized they made a mistake and got a divorce.

That’s not where their story ends, though. A little over a year after their divorce, they re-married in 2013. Then, it was a bit of a strange dance with Musk filing for divorce, then withdrawing, and then the two finalizing the divorce in 2016. Yikes! Hopefully his future relationships are a little less complicated than that.


Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton

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When it comes to marriage, Elizabeth Taylor is basically the queen. She had countless marriages under her belt, but her romance with Richard Burton is probably the most well known. Burton is known for giving Taylor first a 33 carat Krupp Diamond, and then a massive diamond weighing around 68 carats. They first married in 1964, were together a decade, and divorced in 1974. They realized they had been a bit hasty, remarried in 1975, and then divorced again a year later.

It just goes to show that even lavish diamonds and a glamorous lifestyle can’t save a marriage. Something between them just wasn’t right for the long term, and it didn’t last either time.


Elliot Gould And Jennifer Bogart

Ron Galella/WireImage

Friends fans will likely recognize Elliot Gould from his role as Monica’s father, Jack. However, Gould has been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades — and has a few marriages under his belt. His first marriage, which many people don’t know about, was actually with Barbra Streisand. Then, he met Jennifer Bogart.

Gould first married Bogart in 1973, and they ended up divorcing in 1975 after about two years of marriage. They spent some time apart and realized they made a mistake, so they remarried in 1978 — and promptly divorced a year later. It took them a little while to figure out that they may not be the best match, but hey — relationships are complicated.


Judith Sheindlin (“Judge Judy”) And Jerry Sheindlin

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Most people know Judith Sheindlin from her role as Judge Judy on the long-running television series. Consequently, the public is accustomed to seeing her rocking judge’s robes pretty much all the time. However, it turns out she’s rocked a wedding dress or two over the years — and even walked down the aisle twice to meet the same man.

She first married hubby Jerry Sheindlin in 1977, and the duo were together for over a decade before taking a small break in 1990. Realizing they were made for each other, they remarried in 1991 and have been together ever since. Talk about a match made in heaven! Now, the lovebirds have three children and decades of marriage under their belts.


Marie Osmond And Stephen Craig


This one is a tale of reuniting later in life, and we have to admit, it’s pretty adorable. Marie Osmond first fell in love with Stephen Craig in the ’80s, and the two ended up walking down the aisle in 1982. They had a child a year later, and things seemed to be going well — until they weren’t. They divorced in 1985.

Osmond went on to marry her second husband, Brian Blosil, just a year later, and spent over twenty years married to him. However, after they split in 2007 and she was on the market again, she found love with a surprising person — her first ex! Nearly thirty years after they first walked down the aisle, Osmond and Craig walked down the aisle once more.


Jean-Claude Van Damme And Gladys Portugues

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Jean-Claude Van Damme is playfully known as the Muscles from Brussels. However, you might not know that he’s actually quite the romantic. The action star found love with someone who had similar goals and a similar lifestyle — a bodybuilder named Gladys Portugues. They tied the knot in 1987, but ended up splitting a few years later, in 1992.

However, that’s not the end of their story. After spending a few years apart they realized what they were missing — each other. They remarried in 1999 and have been together ever since. Talk about a love story! It just goes to show that maybe the couples that train together, stay together.


Dionne Warwick And William Elliott


There are many celebrities who seem to walk down the aisle at least once or twice a decade. Dionne Warwick, on the other hand, has only wiggled into a wedding dress and walked down the aisle twice — and both times, it was with the same man! The duo were married for a year between 1966 and 1967, divorced, then quickly remarried about three months after their divorce.

They were together until 1975, and when they split then, it was for good. Warwick never remarried anyone else — perhaps no one quite measured up to two-time hubby William Elliott. Something about the marriage didn’t seem to work, but she just couldn’t bring herself to make that commitment to anyone else.


Ben Stein And Alexandra Denman

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

We absolutely love the stories where people split up, get back together, and then end up staying together for good. Relationships are dependent on so many factors — sometimes the relationship is right, but it’s just not the right time in life. That seems to be what happened with Ben Stein and Alexandra Denman.

The duo tied the knot in 1968 and were together for a few years before divorcing in 1974. They weren’t apart for long, though. As Alexandra Denman told People, “Ben pursued me again — and won me all over again. He’s very persistent.”

The two remarried in 1977 and have been together ever since. Perhaps they just needed a few years of perspective to see what they really had.


Sinbad And Meredith Adkins

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

When comedian Sinbad met his wife Meredith, sparks immediately flew. They fell in love, tied the knot in 1985, but soon realized that married life wasn’t always easy. They split up in 1992 after a particularly tough patch, and went on with their separate lives.

There was something about the romance that just worked, though, and they ended up reuniting and remarrying ten years later — and this time, it worked out in the long term.

As Sinbad told Quad-City Times, “I knew I was never, ever going to remarry [someone besides Meredith.” And he didn’t!


Rosemary Clooney And Jose Ferrer

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Singer Rosemary Clooney really seems to have led a glamorous, old Hollywood life. And yes, she’s related to A-List actor George Clooney — she was his aunt! Back in the ’50s, she met director and actor Jose Ferrer, and the two fell head over heels in love. They tied the knot in 1953 and quickly went on to expand their little family and welcome five children. However, in 1961, they ended up getting a divorce.

That wasn’t the end of their story, though. They remarried in 1964, and had a few more years together before divorcing for good in 1967 because of Ferrer’s infidelity. Sometimes, even if there are still sparks, it just doesn’t work out for a variety of reasons.


Jacki Weaver And Derryn Hinch


You may remember actress Jacki Weaver from her role in Silver Linings Playbook. However, we bet you didn’t know what a crazy love story she has herself (although it didn’t quite work out to a picture perfect movie ending).

She met and fell in love with Derryn Hinch, and the two married in 1983. We can only imagine what kind of frilly, voluminous ’80s wedding gown Weaver wore! They had over a decade of married bliss together before making the decision to split in 1996. However, they ended up remarrying again — just a year later!

Ultimately, they realized they had been a little bit rash in their second walk down the aisle, and they divorced for good in 1998.

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