15 Female Celebs Who Look Unrecognizable Without Makeup

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“The worst thing on the planet,” Kim Kardashian said about women wearing their foundation too light. Well, it is Kim K. For most people, the worst thing on the planet might be something like this: #1 House burns down. #2 Family member gets really sick. #3 Everything at once where you’ve got no job, no home, and no hope. Then again, for some women, no makeup is the absolute deal-breaker.

Ariana Grande. Kylie Jenner. Rihanna. Demi Lovato. All beautiful women, all major icons. Ariana has begun her Sweetener tour but look carefully at this girl. She may come with a whistle register and the best personality ever, but the new face of Starbucks’ “Cloud Macchiato” comes with something else. It’s called makeup.

Celebrities tend to avoid being papped with a bare face. It doesn’t matter how beautiful they are. Beyonce, Dua Lipa, JLO, and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to prefer a full face. Then again, some celebs are the exact opposite. Gal Gadot doesn’t wear a scrap. Same goes for The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco.

#NoMakeup is pretty brave when you’re a celebrity. We get it from stunners like Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, and Zendaya. This list isn’t looking at the ladies who are brave enough to bare all. It’s the opposite. To make it clear, looking unrecognizable without makeup in no way makes you unattractive. All it suggests is that you might be a bit of a Sephora addict.

You’re in for a possible shock. Here are 15 female celebs who just don’t look the same without the lashes, concealer, lipsticks, and warpaint.


Kim Kardashian: “Kanye Prefers Me Without Makeup”

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Only overshadowed by her little sister, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian is basically the makeup queen. This beauty mogul is successful enough to have earned $5 million in five minutes, as per The Daily Mail– KKW Beauty is flying off shelves. Kim flies around the world for beauty conferences, but it’s a different story at home.

“My husband loves me without make-up so… I would wear makeup 24/7 if I could, but he likes me without it.”

The Independent quotes Kim saying that Kanye West just doesn’t dig her made-up look. She added: “I love contouring my nose. I know everyone thinks I’ve had [work done] but I really haven’t, it’s all down to contouring. I think I’ll always contour my nose.” In a rare moment, here is Kim without a scrap of makeup.


Ariana Grande: “I’m Half Glamazon, Half Granola Chick”

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“I’m half Glamazon, half granola chick.” When Ariana Grande spoke to Pop Sugar, she definitely nailed the wording. Then again, this is the girl who can turn the most ordinary words into a #Phrase. First, it was “Thank you, next.” Then it was “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.”

Ariana Grande definitely has a “look.” The high ponytail, over-the-knee boots, and cat-wing eyeliner are all part of Ari’s signature finish. You just don’t see her without makeup too often, though. In a rare moment caught by The Daily Mail, Ariana was spotted looking, well, pretty different.

It’s almost like if someone showed you this pic, you wouldn’t know it was Ariana Grande. Put it the other way round– you know it’s her, and it makes sense. Ariana remains one of the most beautiful and popular celebs around with an Instagram following of over 149 million.


Kylie Jenner: $1 Billion From Makeup (Still Gets Caught Out)

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Kylie Jenner might be making headlines alongside Jordyn Woods’ scandal with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, but she made her own ones in 2019. At the age of 21, the Kylie Cosmetics founder is the world’s youngest billionaire, as per Forbes. The magazine had interviewed Kylie back in 2018 when those Lip Kits had already earned the youngest Kardashian-Jenner $900 million.

“You guys, imagine this, but all in lip kits. I think it needs to be a clear vending machine where you see all the colors.” Kylie is now worth $1 billion.

Female First reported that makeup is Kylie’s “only passion.” To be fair, this girl is pretty dedicated. We got a few no-makeup selfies after Stormi was born, but by and large, it’s a full face with Kylie. We almost didn’t recognize her here (although this girl looks just as beautiful without).


Christina Aguilera: We Didn’t Know She Had Freckles

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Christina Aguilera comes as a package. The “Lady Marmalade” singer is full-on burlesque, and we’ve got to say, her old-school Hollywood glam scrubs up pretty good. Heavy rouge, lashes, and glittering gowns are what you’ll see from Christina, but the layers of makeup are thick.

In 2018, Xtina bared all to front Paper magazine. No lipstick, no foundation, and an amazing revelation for fans. Christina is a natural beauty with freckles. She called the experience “liberating,” but confessed that it wouldn’t be long before she returned to her usual look.

Christina’s Instagram is a mix of extremes. Either she’s 100% covering up with every shade under the sun. Or, she’s going natural. It took us a minute to recognize Christina here, but we kind of wish she’d do it again.


Mila Kunis: “I Don’t Wear Makeup”

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the Hollywood “normies” who spend their lives ducking the cameras. They wear sweats, grab coffee under hoodies, and they refuse to cash in on their kids. Mila is the natural beauty who might be invisible on Family Guy, but we see her in Friends With Benefits and her TV appearances.

“I don’t wear makeup. I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s not something that I associate with myself. I commend women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on eyeliner. I think it’s ­beautiful. I’m just not that person.”

As People reports, Mila literally couldn’t care less. We’re not entirely sure Mila’s words are 100% accurate, though. When you picture Mila, is this what you’re seeing? To be fair, she might have been having an “off” day. Still looking beautiful, but not quite as we know her, here is Mila without makeup.


Cardi B: “It’s Expensive To Maintain Us Women”

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Cardi B can talk about anything– we’ll watch it. With a personality that’s raw, real, and beyond addictive, this rapper says it how it is. Shortly after Cardi’s daughter, Kulture was born, we got some videos of Cardi without makeup. Not recently, though. Cardi will, however, relate to women when it comes to cost.

“For real, it’s getting more expensive to maintain us women. You know this is not the early 2000s and [stuff] where you give a [girl] a hundred dollars to get her […] hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done. Whatever.”

The Daily Mail covered Cardi’s rant, here. Still, this girl puts her money where her mouth is. Cardi B comes with an ever-evolving carousel of colored wigs, weaves, nails, and a ton of makeup. Papped here at the airport with a fresh face, we almost didn’t recognize her.


Lady Gaga: Natural Beauty Is A Piece Of Cake

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“Really tough times. Wigs and make-up to cover up the pain.” The List quotes a pretty exposed moment from Lady Gaga as she opened up about being insecure. Yes, underneath the giant wigs, statement shades, and inch-thick makeup, this singer and odd-ball is actually an introvert.

A Star Is Born really put the “natural Gaga” on the map. Then again, if you’re a fan, you’ll have noticed this pic posted to Lady Gaga’s Instagram. She was celebrating her 30th birthday with a well-earned slice of cake (and no makeup).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder– or so they say. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that Lady Gaga is a natural beauty. Given how insecure she is, we get it. Then again, she’s on this list because it might have taken you a second to realize that it’s her.


Jennifer Lawrence: Literally Looks Like A Different Person

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Jennifer Lawrence is a different breed. The actress with zero training became a household name the minute The Hunger Games was released (and she’s only gone up since). Newly engaged in 2019, J-Law is now front-page news. She also comes as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. Look at Jen on the red carpet, and you’ll see a lot of makeup.

“If I don’t have an event, I normally don’t wear makeup. Since I often get it done professionally, I’m probably better off staying away from my face. I have learned nothing from the pros—ha!”

Given Jen’s Harper’s Bazaar interview, it’s clear that this girl has higher priorities. Still, those bold red lips are the look we’ve become used to as Jen got more famous. Without any makeup? Could be any girl in the street.


Tyra Banks: #Respect For Posting This Herself

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“Thank you for sharing your dark circles (like mine), they are beautiful.” The response to Tyra Banks’ #NoMakeUp social media posts has been pretty overwhelming. As Allure reports, this model and America’s Next Top Model judge may have spent her career wearing a full face, but she’ll take it off.

“I love how real you are. Thank you Ty Ty!” was another comment. Tyra Banks may have a bit of a reputation for her temper on reality TV, but this woman knows what she’s doing.

Being a major celebrity in an industry that values looks is no picnic. The minute you’re not looking your best, the paparazzi will be out to get your worst angle. Tyra definitely shocked here, but it wasn’t in a bad way. Bear in mind that Tyra’s age doesn’t put her on the “career going up” path. Props to her.


Rihanna: Fenty Beauty Sells Anyway

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Rihanna is now more powerful than ever. At 30 years old, the singer is now a massive PUMA partner, she’s got a luxury fashion label in the works, and she’s running Fenty Beauty like a pro. With an effortless beauty, RiRi is one of the most captivating women in Hollywood. As Harper’s Bazaar reports:

Fenty Beauty is predicted to out-sell both Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty.

Rihanna was in the street here when a paparazzo (who likely made a ton of money) papped her without her usual getup. Hop over to RiRi’s Instagram, and you will see lots of makeup. Then again, when you’re a natural beauty, your makeup line is going to sell. With over 40 shades, Fenty includes everyone. It gets great reviews, and it’s clear this woman puts in the effort.


Khloe Kardashian: Happy To Ditch The Glam Squad (And The Guy)

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Khloe Kardashian has a lot on her plate right now. Now a single mother, Khloe is the most talked-about celeb of 2019 following the scandal between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. At 34, Khloe is also more herself than she’s ever been. Fitness and health are her focus, but look at her Instagram, and you’ll see that makeup is, too.

“On my face, I always start with the Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer. When Joyce [Bonelli] does my makeup, she doesn’t use a primer. But personally, I like it.” Still, Khloe can go without.

Speaking to Into The Gloss, Khloe was…super specific. Well, she is a Kardashian. Glam squads are how these girls roll, but Khloe has a little something different. She will hit the gym without a scrap. She’s a gorgeous girl and it makes us sad to see her go through all this.


Demi Lovato: Just A Regular Girl

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Demi Lovato has gone through a tough time. In 2018, an overdose saw Demi nearly lose her life, although a solid stint in rehab has gotten this girl back to health. Demi has also recently split from a short-lived relationship. When it comes to makeup, Demi goes both ways. Mostly though, that Instagram account is very #MakeUp.

“I’ve always been confident without makeup.” Then again, “A lipstick at the Clinique counter when I was five using my tooth fairy money. I’m a makeup girl. I played with it a lot growing up—my mom let me.”

Demi was speaking to Elle when she revealed that her early childhood actually came with makeup experiences. She does look different without. Almost to the point where she could be any girl (but a beautiful one).


Blac Chyna: Doesn’t Need Makeup To Have #Attitude

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Blac Chyna is pretty smart. Instagram models are a dime a dozen these days. Something about this girl is different. She’s outspoken, she’s brazen, and yes, she’s got an attitude. It what makes her so appealing, though. Rob & Chyna saw this girl’s relationship with Rob Kardashian get her close-knit with the world’s most famous family, but she’s up there with them when it comes to makeup.

“When that one nail is broken, it ain’t right. Your makeup and hair can be on point, but when you have a broken nail, it’s just all bad.”

Speaking to Elle, Chyna made it clear. Her baby, Dream might be a huge part of her life, but glam is up there with it. Looking a little worse for wear here with no makeup, we wouldn’t immediately have known it was Blac Chyna.


Britney Spears: Doesn’t Matter, We’ll Always Love Her

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Britney Spears might be 37, but she’s looking better now than she ever did. “Baby One More Time” made this girl a household name overnight back in the late 90s, but with over 20 million Instagram followers, Britney is still relevant. Trailer park roots always made it a simple deal with Britney, although she does glam up.

“I like to use mascara but for a show I’ll darken it up. I think it’s fun to use different pale shades and pinks in eyeshadows. I like a kind of gothic look in most situations but I think it’s better to use light colors to open up your eyes,” she told Vogue.

A side-by-side does show the difference, though. It’s a Hollywood look versus a regular girl. We’re happy with both, and let’s face it– Britney will always rule.


The Pic Katy Perry’s Husband Posted (Then Deleted)

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#OrlandoBloom is more where it’s at these days, but Katy Perry was once married. In 2010, Katy’s ex-husband, Russell Brand posted this rather unflattering shot of Katy to Twitter. As The Daily Mail reports, the pic was quickly deleted. It had already gone viral, though.

Katy Perry is a power singer with the kind of bone structure that can rock a pixie crop. Seriously, she’s insanely beautiful. Still, you can’t deny the difference. Katy looked 100% unrecognizable here, and we’ll assume she wasn’t too happy with Russell’s Tweet.

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