15 Female Celebs Whose Ages You Won’t Believe

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It’s no secret that when it comes to looking amazing, celebrities have an advantage over regular people. Now, no one is saying it’s not hard work to hit the gym and put all that time into your appearance. However, there’s no denying that celebrities have more tools at their disposal because, well, they pretty much have unlimited pockets. They still have to put in the effort, but they can take a lot of the hassle out of the process.

For example, celebrities can afford to pay a private chef or meal prepping service to create healthy meals tailored to their needs. They can hire a personal trainer to come straight to their door, seven days a week, to give them a custom workout. And, there’s also the detail that their appearance is a huge part of their job, whether you like it or not.

So, celebrities obviously take very, very good care of their appearance. However, there are a few female celebrities who take things to a whole new level. Through a combination of genetics and healthy living, they’ve managed to shave decades off their appearances. Seriously. If you knew nothing about the women on this list, and didn’t know how long they’d been in Hollywood, you’d easily guess they were decades younger than they are. It’s definitely a bonus in image-conscious Hollywood.

Here are 15 female celebrities whose ages you just won’t be able to believe.


Gabrielle Union (46)

Gabrielle Union Red Carpet
Rich Fury/Invision/AP

Many people assume Gabrielle Union is in her early 30s. After all, she was probably a teenager when she was getting all those roles in teen movies, right? Well, not exactly.

Union was still playing teenagers when she was in her late 20s because she looked so young. Today, she’s in her late 40s — 46 to be specific — and she could easily still pass for someone in her late 20s or early 30s.

She’s shared a little of her workout routine with her followers on social media before. And, being married to a professional athlete probably helps with healthy eating. However, it’s still impressive that she looks as amazing as she does!


Jennifer Aniston (50)

Jennifer Aniston Little Black Dress
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Jennifer Aniston certainly looks different now than she did in the earlier seasons of Friends. However, if you looked at a side by side, you might guess that a few years had passed — not a few decades.

As impossible as it is to believe, she’s now officially 50 years old! Obviously, a lot of the way she looks comes down to her lifestyle. She’s always been the kind of person who has a regular exercise routine. And, she’s always seemed to keep a pretty clean diet — plenty of vegetables and lean protein. Well, it has definitely worked.

We give major props to her for continuing to look so amazing, year after year — it can’t be easy!


Sandra Bullock (54)

Sandra Bullock Cartier Red Carpet
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For quite some time, Sandra Bullock was basically the rom com queen. She played the love interest in countless movies and was always cast in those types of roles. Many people assume that those love interest roles are only really for actresses in their 20s, maybe 30s at the most, but Sandy did it for decades.

Lately, she’s been pursuing different types of roles, simply to mix things up. However, she could still easily play a love interest if she ever wanted to return to that because she looks pretty much identical to the way she did decades ago.

I mean, seriously — the woman has two young children keeping her busy. How does she manage to look so incredible?


Halle Berry (52)

Halle Berry Red Carpet High Ponytail
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We would legitimately love to know all of Halle Berry’s beauty secrets because the woman has basically not aged in decades. She’s experimented with different hairstyles over the years, going both shorter and longer, but her flawless skin and gorgeous features have remained the same.

And, it’s not as if she’d had a totally stress free time in Hollywood. She’s faced her fair share of relationship drama and even custody battles. Through it all, she seems to have made self-care a priority — and it shows. She looks amazing.

She’s at a point in her career where she takes on roles that spark her interest rather than roles that are all about her looks. However, she could still get the latter type — she’s beautiful.


Anna Kendrick (33)

Anna Kendrick Red Carpet
AP Images

33 years old is certainly not old by any means. However, the jarring thing about Anna Kendrick is that she still looks as though she just graduated from high school.

While she’s been trying to find roles that are a bit more mature lately, she’s still played a college student quite a few times because of how youthful she looks. We’re not really sure what it is about her. Perhaps it’s her petite stature, or her flawless complexion. She can easily bring maturity to a role and portray an older character on screen, but her youthful energy and appearance makes it easy to earn much younger roles as well.


Bianca Lawson (39)

Bianca Lawson Queen Sugar
Skip Bolen/OWN

Bianca Lawson is somewhat famous in Hollywood for being a perpetual teenager. She got her start playing high school students in the ’90s on shows like Sister, Sister and Dawson’s Creek.  Then, nearly two decades after she debuted, she was still playing a high school student on Pretty Little Liars.  I mean, who does that?

Obviously Lawson has tackled other types of roles over the years as well. No actress wants to be stuck in high school forever. However, it’s truly remarkable that she’s able to convincingly play a high school student when she’s literally approaching 40.

Seriously — we want to know this woman’s secrets!


Salma Hayek (52)

Salma Hayek Red Carpet
Michael Loccasino/Getty Images

It’s insane to think that Salma Hayek is in her 50s, because she looks so similar to when she was still in her 20s!

Hayek’s never been the type of actress to slim down her physique like crazy. She’s naturally curvy, and she totally embraces that. She’s also not the type to take drastic measures to stay looking young. She embraces aging gracefully, and as a result, looks utterly amazing.

We’re not sure why she seems so comfortable with aging while many other actresses freak out, but we give her major props. It’s not easy to grow older in Hollywood, and she’s done it beautifully.


Lucy Liu (50)

Lucy Liu Red Carpet
Chris Pizzello/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

It seems like only yesterday that Lucy Liu was tearing it up on screen in the Charlie’s Angels reboot films. She’s taken on plenty of action roles over her career, and isn’t afraid to do some stunt work. She’s managed to keep her career thriving in Hollywood for decades, which certainly isn’t easy.

And, through it all, she looks pretty much the same as when she first got her big break in the industry. Although that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to experiment with her look — she recently mixed things up and dyed her hair platinum blonde, which we’re loving. Why not have fun with your look?


Jennifer Lopez (49)

Jennifer Lopez 2018 VMAs
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

This is the year that Jennifer Lopez turns 50 years old. It doesn’t seem like that could possibly be true, because the woman is practically aging backwards. First of all, she still totally slays on stage and nails any choreography she has to learn. And, she still rocks the type of skintight, glittery stage costumes that she did back in her 30s.

How does she do it? We truly don’t know. Sure, she works out like crazy and eats healthy. However, she must have a fountain of youth hidden somewhere, because it doesn’t make sense how she never seems to age. I mean, the woman is a legend.


Christie Brinkley (65)

Christie Brinkley Purina Red Carpet
Andrew Werner

We imagine it must be even tougher for supermodels to grow older than for actresses. After all, for supermodels, it’s quite literally all about your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you can still bring a character to life even though you have a few wrinkles — it’s solely about how you look in photographs.

One supermodel that really has nothing to worry about, though, is Christie Brinkley. We’re not sure if it’s genetics or just good living, but the former supermodel is 65 years old and looks better than most 30-somethings. Seriously — we don’t know how she does it, but it’s incredible.


Ellie Kemper (38)

Ellie Kemper Unbearable Kimmy Schmidt Red Carpet
Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

Ellie Kemper has definitely played a few different types of roles over the course of her career. However, there’s something about her that naturally lends itself to super bubbly, energetic, optimistic characters. Her attitude just gives her this youthful glow.

If you were to guess her age, most people would assume she’s in her late 20s, perhaps. However, in real life, Kemper is 38 — that’s right, she’s almost 40! It just goes to show what an impact your attitude can have on your appearance. Kemper is always sunny and optimistic, and that seems to have shaved a decade off her looks. Talk about a bonus!


Julianne Moore (58)

Julianne Moore Chopard Cannes
The CEO Magazine

As long as she’s been in Hollywood, Julianne Moore has had a bit of a signature look. When other actresses were dyeing their hair blonde and getting fake tans, Moore stuck to her classic red hair and porcelain skin. And as a result, she seems to have escaped aging entirely.

Seriously — it’s pretty unbelievably that she’s fast approaching 60. She looks totally amazing. And, it’s pretty convincing proof that we should all stay out of the sun. Who wants a sun-kissed glow if it means you’ll have awful, wrinkled skin later in life? Julianne obviously stayed out of the sun in her younger years, and now her skin is paying her back for the TLC.


Gwen Stefani (49)

Gwen Stefani Kids Choice Awards Red Carpet
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Gwen Stefani, we’re pretty sure, is aging backwards. I mean, just think of what she looked like when she first made a splash in the music industry. She had colourful hair and braces and didn’t quite know how to do her make-up. She rocked a bit of a retro vibe, a bit of a punk influence, but didn’t quite have it down yet.

Now, she knows her look — and she rocks it. Her red lipstick and platinum blonde hair have become her signature, and she looks even younger than she did twenty years ago. We’re not sure what her secrets are, but we’re dying to know!


Shakira (42)

Shakira Tour Red Carpet
Getty Images

It’s not easy to put on the kind of high energy performances that Shakira does. In addition to singing, she often belly dances and does all kinds of choreography at her concerts. It’s clear that she puts a lot of time and care into her appearance — but we’re betting you couldn’t guess her actual age.

The pop star is actually 42 years old, which seems insane. In fact, her more natural vibe actually makes her look even better than when she wore heavier make-up in her younger days. It just goes to show that a glow up is always possible, even if you looked amazing to begin with.


Sofia Vergara (46)

Sofia Vergara Oscars 2018
George Pimentel

We love how Sofia Vergara is unapologetically herself when it comes to her beauty, always. She wears particular silhouettes on the red carpet because she knows what gowns will flatter her curvy physique. She prefers looking glam with styled hair and a full face of make-up to running errands make-up free because, well, she just loves getting all dolled up! There’s nothing wrong with that — and she looks incredible.

Vergara doesn’t look as though she’s trying to pretend to be in her 20s. However, most people would guess she’s at least a decade younger than her actual 46 years. She looks amazing for her age!

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