15 Of Our Favourite Television Couples Of All Time


While watching a great movie can be an incredible experience, there’s just something about television shows. With Netflix and PVRs, people no longer watch shows right as they’re airing — binge watching is super popular. However, the fact is, viewers still get the chance to see characters develop over the course of episodes, and even seasons. A character can go through a lot of development in a 2 hour movie, but it’s nothing compared to 10 seasons of a show.

There are television shows out there to fit everyone’s taste. Whether you love gritty dramas or light-hearted sitcoms, there’s something great for you to watch. And, whether you’re talking about a drama or a comedy, relationships are often at the center of it all.

There are certain television couples that leave audiences scratching their heads. They can’t really figure out what the writers were thinking or why they’d pair them together. Then, there are the ones who everyone ships. They’re the ones who people almost look to for relationship advice. After all, they seem like such a perfect couple — why wouldn’t you want to do what they’re doing?

The vast majority of our favourite television couples ended up getting married as the show progressed. After all, that’s a pretty common step for many, to tie the knot after a while. And in a way, it’s almost as though you were watching a friend’s wedding unfold! Audiences got to see the relationship progress from the initial flirtation to the exchanging of vows — that’s pretty cool.

If you’re in the mood to swoon, settle in — here are our 15 favourite television couples of all time.


Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

Marshall and Lily Wedding HIMYM
Richard Cartwright/CBS via Getty Images

We love this relationship because it was adorable, but also kind of real. Marshall and Lily met way back in college, when they were in the same dorm at Wesleyan. They started dating when they were in college, and ended up being together for about a decade before tying the knot.

They had periods where things weren’t as smooth, as they grew as adults. After all, they’re not going to be the same people they were as college students! However, in the end, love conquered all, and they ended up tying the knot.

They moved out into the suburbs, had a kid, and through it all seemed crazy in love.


Eric Taylor And Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Eric and Tami Taylor Friday Night Lights

This football had plenty of relationship drama between the teen characters. And, you would think some of them would emerge as the most memorable couples. However, it ended up being the solid, stable Taylors that won everyone’s hearts.

Coach Taylor was at the center of it all as the football coach, and Tami Taylor was by his side. They were both strong individuals who weren’t afraid to express their opinions. And, they both faced their fair share of drama. Through it all, though, one thing stayed consistent — they always had each other’s backs.

Whether you care about football or not, you have to admit that Coach and Tami Taylor were total relationship goals.


Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

Luke and Lorelai Gilmore Girls
Warner Bros.

It’s crazy to think about just how few episodes Luke and Lorelai were actually together in. It seems like they were together from the very first episode. However, that’s just because they had a ridiculous amount of chemistry on screen.

When audiences first meet these two, they’re just very close friends. Luke owns the diner in town where Lorelai eats just about every meal, and they have a great rapport. As the show progresses, their relationship evolves.

Sometimes, the plot twists that were thrown in their direction were a little confusion. We weren’t always sure why they just couldn’t be together, why there always had to be something driving a wedge between them. In our minds, though, they’re living in marital bliss in Stars Hollow to this day.


Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly (The Office)

Jim and Pam The Office Flirting
NBC/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection .

Jim and Pam’s romance was definitely one of the main features of this workplace comedy. And, their relationship won plenty of fans as it progressed.

When the show kicked off, they were just colleagues with a bit of chemistry. I mean, Pam was actually engaged to something else! Then, there was the period where Jim was transferred to a different branch and actually moved away for a bit.

Through it all, though, the audience got to see their crushes evolve into a relationship and then a marriage — and baby! If you’re a fan of a the show and claim you didn’t cry during their wedding episode, well, we don’t believe you.


Cookie and Lucious Lyon (Empire)

Empire Cookie and Lucious Lyon
Chuck Hodes

Okay, hear us out on this one. Yes, Cookie and Lucious Lyon didn’t always have what seemed like the healthiest relationship. They weren’t even together all that long during the show itself — but they had an insane history.

Whether they loved each other or hated each other, one thing remained consistent. They parented their children together, and they ruled the empire they had built together. Even if they weren’t romantically involved, neither was willing to give up on the company they started all those years ago together.

They’re certainly a pretty high drama couple, but there’s something about that unwavering dedication and loyalty that is majorly sweet.


Cece Parikh and Winston Schmidt (New Girl)

Cece and Schmidt Wedding New Girl
Adam Taylor/FOX

When Cece and Schmidt first got together, it was kind of a joke. Cece completely couldn’t see herself dating someone like Schmidt. And, though he was in love with her, he didn’t imagine the relationship would really go anywhere serious. After all, they seemed like such a mismatch!

As the show progressed, Cece nearly walked down the aisle with someone else. Then, at the last moment, she realized she didn’t want to marry the man she planned to marry — because she was in love with Schmidt!

The two got serious about their relationship, and even ended up getting married. They had a kid, bought a house, and were overall just an adorable couple.


Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

Meredith and Derek Grey's Anatomy

This medical drama has been on the air for a very long time. Over the course of the show, countless couples have gotten together. From characters in the main cast starting relationships, to secondary characters coming in — relationship drama is at the center of this show.

However, there’s one major relationship that dominated a lot of the series — Meredith and Derek. In a way, it makes sense — Meredith is probably the most central character, so of course her relationship will be highlighted. However, there was just something about their drama that was compelling.

First, there were all the twists with Derek actually being married. Then, there was the fact that neither was great at communication and they had a ton of misunderstandings. However, there were fantastic scenes, like their post-it marriage and the house of candles, that always had us coming back for more.


Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World)

Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence

Not many people can say they met their spouse in middle school, but Cory Matthews can! He went to school with Topanga Lawrence his whole life, and the two became friends in middle school. They’re total opposites — he was a class clown, she was a bit of a type A brainiac — but soon that friendship turned into more.

They started a relationship in high school, dated through college, and ended up tying the knot. We love a good high school sweetheart storyline!

Fans got a glimpse into this couple’s relationship once more with the reboot. Though it was intended to focus on their daughter, let’s be honest — most people just tuned in for another dose of Cory and Topanga.


Monica Geller and Chandler Bing (Friends)

Friends Monica and Chandler Proposal
NBC via Getty Images

When you’re talking about relationships on this hugely popular sitcom, one often comes to people’s minds — Ross and Rachel. They had a crazy on-again, off-again dynamic throughout the show. And, their reuniting was a big part of the show’s finale. However, there’s another couple that we love far more than Ross and Rachel — Monica and Chandler.

They, too, started out a relationship by being friends, which eventually led to more. They had amazing chemistry from their very first London adventure. And, though they seemed very different, their personalities actually complemented one another’s perfectly.

They certainly had some arguments, but they never had that emotional roller coaster like Ross and Rachel had. No matter what happened, they knew they loved one another — and they were super sweet.


Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker (Modern Family)

Mitch and Cam Wedding Modern Family

There are three central couples on this popular sitcom, but we have to admit — Mitch and Cam are our favourites. Sure, Jay and Gloria can be funny. Claire and Phil are the perfect typical sitcom couple. Cam and Mitch, though, have a little something extra.

It’s a total opposites attract situation. Mitch is super reserved, a little neurotic, and doesn’t love being the centre of attention. Cam, on the other hand, is an extroverted former farm kid who loves being in the spotlight. You wouldn’t think they would work together at all. However, they just do.

They were together from the very start of the show. However, fans got to see them go on the adoption journey, and then eventually even plan a dual proposal and tie the knot.


Jesse Katsopolis and Becky Katsopolis (Full House)

Jesse and Becky Full House Wedding

The central relationships of this wholesome family sitcom were definitely between the family members — and honourary family members. It was all about how Danny Tanner and his close friends were raising his three daughters.

However, there was one romantic relationship that we majorly shipped — Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. At first, fans likely assumed Uncle Jesse would never be in a serious relationship. After all, he was the ultimate casanova, flirting with everyone. Who would have thought he’d ever settle down? Then, Becky walked into his life and it all changed.

He’s clearly head over heels with her, and focuses all his flirtation on her. He serenades her, and is super sweet. Then, in turns, she agrees to move into the packed, always busy Tanner house to be with his whole family — and fits right in. They’re adorable together!


Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts (The O.C.)

Seth and Summer The OC
Warner Bros.

Many people try to make Ryan and Marissa the most important relationship on this teen drama. However, we’re team Seth/Summer all the way.

First of all, they seem like a total case of opposites attract, which is always fun to watch unfold on screen. At first, Seth is just a huge nerd with a heart of gold, and Summer seems super snobby and shallow. However, as we get to know the characters, we see that Summer is actually a lot different than we thought. Their relationship has some ups and downs, but eventually they get together — and they just seem like the perfect fit.

The show only ran for four seasons. However, we like to think that somewhere in Orange County, Seth and Summer are happily married in a house filled with plastic ponies.


Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)

April and Andy Parks and Recreation

Okay, are you sensing a bit of a pattern here? There’s just something about the opposites attract trope that totally works for television couples.

At first, Andy and April seemed like the last two people who would ever get together. Andy was a total class clown, and April is sarcastic and forever snarky. However, against all odds, they ended up being together — and they were actually kind of perfect together.

Their flirting eventually leads to dating, which leads to marriage. And, they showed fans what it’s like to have the kind of relationship that works for you. They may not have done things like everyone else did, but they did what worked for them — and were blissfully happy through it all.


Philip Banks and Vivian Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv Fresh Prince
Getty Images

Okay, we didn’t really get to see Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv’s relationship progress. They were already married by the time their nephew Will ended up moving into their home. However, sometimes a great relationship isn’t about seeing things progress — it’s about seeing a solid, stable relationship where both partners obviously care for one another. And that’s definitely what they had.

They had to deal with the drama of their own children, plus the addition of the often challenging Will. However, they did it all with grace, standing by one another’s side.

They may not have gotten that many scenes where sparks really flew, but you could tell there was a super deep love there, which is beyond sweet.


Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce (Glee)

Santana and Brittany Glee Wedding
TV Guide

When Santana and Brittany first got together on this teen musical drama, many assumed it was just a quick storyline. After all, they were already central characters, and many other central characters were paired together — why not them?

However, it ended up becoming so much more. Their relationship allowed audiences to see beyond their stereotypical cheerleader exteriors and see them as more complex characters. Santana became less of a mean girl once we saw how she truly cared about Brittany. And, Brittany became less of a token blonde cheerleader and showed she had layers as well.

We love that they ended up actually tying the knot in the final season. What a great way to wrap up their relationship.

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