15 Pics Of Celebs Whose Love Affair With Ice-Cream Is Unreal

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“Scooping ice-cream is tougher than it looks.” When Barack Obama revealed that his very first job was serving ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, we realized how literally anyone can make it. “Rows and rows of rock-hard ice cream can be brutal on the wrists,” he added.

Ice-cream basically defines America. Take it from a European who wound up in sub-zero Boston temperatures and literally thought: “Seriously? These people will wait in line for ice-cream when the outside temperature is enough to freeze your eyelids shut?” Apparently so.

The Kardashians are papped grabbing ice-cream in Versace. Miley Cyrus updates her Instagram with pics of herself licking on a cone. We might take our families to Dairy Queen, but the celebrity world is no different. Kim Kardashian even sneaks out late at night for McDonald’s ice-cream (and she can afford premium).

In 2019, Teen Mom‘s Caitlynn Lowell updated her Instagram with her pregnancy cravings. We saw one giant tub of Haagen-Dazs. When Travis Scott was grilled on a Q&A about Kylie Jenner, he revealed that Kylie also loves the iconic brand. It isn’t just about digging into a tub at home. These celebs seem perfectly happy to be papped in the most awkward moment there is– trying to graciously lick a cone (which kind of can’t be done).

Ariana Grande has been snapped with ice-cream. So has Taylor Swift. Throw in Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Mila Kunis, and Cardi B, and you’ve got a veritable buffet of celebs. They’re all at it. Here are 15 celebs whose love affair with ice-cream is literally unreal.


Kim Kardashian: “I Need Sugar, Like, Five Times A Day”

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She’s out-doing them all (and in every way). Kim Kardashian has risen from lowly stylist to Paris Hilton to the girl that Paris Hilton looks up to. Kim’s KKW Beauty empire and reality career put this woman’s net worth at a staggering $350 million, according to Forbes, and Kim seems to be spending it on one thing in particular.

“I love to eat—Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream. I need sugar like five times a day.”

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Kim revealed her treats. Not that we needed to be told. Kim has been papped face-deep in ice-cream cones since before her career really took off. Sometimes, it’s McDonald’s. Other times, it’s fancy Nobu getups. Either way, Kim Kardashian is 100% ice-cream obsessed.


Gigi Hadid: When Her Ice-Cream Goes “Splat”

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Ice-cream isn’t the first thing you’d expect a model to be eating. Gigi Hadid is the “it” girl and supermodel who now fronts Reebok (as well as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel). Smiling for the camera may be Gigi’s job, but splattered ice-cream on the ground will get a different reaction from this girl.

“There used to be an Emack & Bolio’s on Houston Street, which is my favorite ice-cream place. I love the Grasshopper Pie.”

We read Gigi’s Harper’s Bazaar interview to find out exactly what this girl eats– FYI, that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, plus sushi. What did we learn? That Grasshopper Pie is an ice-cream flavor we absolutely need to try. Gigi posted this picture after what appeared to be a rather unfortunate ice-cream experience. That face…just priceless.


Barack Obama: Worked At Baskin Robbins, “Brutal On The Wrists”

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Literally, wow. Barack Obama’s rise from regular Hawaiian teen to President of the USA will forever be living proof of how anyone can make it. Easily the coolest President the US has ever had, this is a guy who wears Nike, plays basketball, and yes, he’s into his ice-cream. Turns out, Barack worked at Baskin Robbins.

“Scooping ice cream is tougher than it looks. Rows and rows of rock-hard ice cream can be brutal on the wrists. As a teenager working behind the counter at Baskin-Robbins in Honolulu, I was less interested in what the job meant for my future and more concerned about what it meant for my jump shot.”

Barack posted this to LinkedIn back in 2016 as he recalled his teen job. Despite becoming President, Barack continued to throw us epic ice-cream pics like this one.


Chrissy Teigen: The Love Is Unreal

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You’ll never be bored looking at Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram. This cookbook queen and former model covers everything– raw motherhood, epic bites, style goals, and a pretty high-profile marriage that sees the Kardashians casually coming over. Chrissy might have her model physique, but she’s a total foodie.

When this pic went viral, nobody needed to ask why. It basically expresses everyone’s ice-cream feels, and we 100% get it. That moment when life is super-stressful, ice-cream won’t exactly make a giant difference, but somehow, it’ll help.

Chandler ate ice-cream on Friends following his breakup from Janice. Rachel and Monica had to “switch to low-fat” after the ritual had become so frequent. Chrissy Teigen’s marriage to John Legend doesn’t seem to be anywhere near breakup territory, but this woman still loves her ice-cream.


Kylie Jenner: Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Is Her Favorite

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Kylie Jenner is a tough one. That Instagram account has a way of showing us plenty, but Kylie is the one in control. You see what Kylie wants you to see– the rest is kept well out of sight in that gated Hidden Hills community. Well, except for rare snaps like these. In 2018, Travis Scott was quizzed on Kylie.

“I think we eat a PB&J every night before we go to bed. Travis Scott then revealed that Haagen-Dazs vanilla is Kylie’s favorite ice-cream.

As Refinery29 reports, a pretty intense and food-centric quiz saw Travis put to the test– could he name his baby momma’s favorite stuff? While Travis knew that Kylie’s toothbrush is pink, he wasn’t able to name all her dogs. Still, Travis was spotted tagging along to this ice-cream outing.


Doesn’t Matter What He’s Doing, Kanye West’s Face Is Always Priceless

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Kanye West pretty much tops facial expressions. Something about this rapper’s face seems to be either super-intense or super-comical. Probably why Kanye’s face winds up in all our memes. In 2018, Kim and Kanye made a high-profile appearance at the Versace Mansion in Miami. Kim wore vintage Versace, while Kanye wore a Louis Vuitton suit (and, er, Yeezy slides).

It’s the Versace Mansion. It’s 2 Chainz’s wedding (where the catering is likely more than ample). Somehow though, Kim and Kanye still had room for dessert. They hit up a local ice-cream parlor after the event, and the paparazzi loved it.

Kim is mostly super-healthy with her diet. As Baby Gaga reports, Kim feeds North West organic cheddar bunnies instead of Goldfish Crackers. When it comes to ice-cream though, there’s just nothing like it. Also, Kanye’s face here– we couldn’t resist.


Bella Hadid: Ice-Cream For Dinner Is “Acceptable, Right?”

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Everyone wants to know what Bella Hadid eats. Well, the girls do, at any rate. When Bella updated her social media with this pic, MTV added its own caption, justifying that “ice-cream for dinner is totally acceptable” in summer. Bella’s pic was living proof that she’s an ice-cream fiend, but there’s more.

“Right now my diet is pizza, so recently that’s all I’ve been eating. I promise you, it’s like every day. Or burgers, French fries, grilled cheeses.” Apparently, also ice-cream.

Bella’s Harper’s Bazaar interview saw this model candidly admit that she eats like a horse. Then again, as the face of Nike, Bella boxes like a pro. She told People: “I like to eat healthy and not eat crazy plane food.” Come to think of it, do they serve ice-cream on planes?


Selena Gomez: Spot The Ice-Cream Tub, #NoRegrets

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Yes, we’ve reached the point where Selena Gomez tucking into food can make a headline. In 2018, The Daily Mail reported that Selena was “gorging” on pizza and ice-cream as these pictures surfaced. To be fair, she had posted a video of herself doing it.

Just recently overtaken on Instagram by Ariana Grande, Selena made major headlines last year for becoming the most-followed person on the platform. When Vogue interviewed Selena in 2017, they noted the “frozen package of Giant Eagle Potatoes O’Brien, can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup, bag of shredded “Mexican cheese,” and a squat plastic canister of French’s Crispy Fried Onions,” brought along.

Selena loves to cook. Mexican is her favorite, although any fan will know that Selena adores pickles. She even brings jars backstage. In this instance though, it was classic– pizza and ice-cream.


Scott Disick: It’s Like He’s Eyeing Up The Cone More Than Sofia Richie

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Scott Disick is making all kinds of headlines right now. As his relationship with Sofia Richie heats up, people are paying less attention to the age gap (he’s 35, she’s 21), and more attention to how serious it’s all getting. This pic saw Sofia join Scott for a romantic trip to Italy. Of course, there was ice-cream.

The Kardashians reportedly think Sofia is a “great influence” on Scott Disick. We’ll assume that’s the ice-cream loving Kim.

“Everyone really likes her. They think she’s a great influence and Scott is so in love, so it’s not a problem,” a source told People. Scott’s ice-cream routine is pretty regular. This guy has been papped getting frozen treats with Kourtney Kardashian and the kids for years. This time though, it seemed particularly intense.


Vince Vaughn: Dedicated As They Come

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This one wins, hands-down. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have been a bit of a duo act ever since their Wedding Crashers roles made them icons. As ice-cream lovers go, it would appear that Vince is particularly dedicated. Bear in mind, this pic follows a string of others where Vince appeared to have the entire ice-cream in his mouth– just the cone was visible.

Yes, the man talks about food. “I saw a 60 Minutes piece on Google as a place to work. It was such a foreign concept from what I understood as a regular job. There’s free food, sleeping pods, Ping-Pong,” he told Maxim.

Celebs grabbing ice-cream can be delicately done, but for the most part, it’s them chowing down on a cone and looking, well, like this. Props to Owen Wilson for getting in the pic.


Kim & Kourtney: Doesn’t Matter If They’re In Japan

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The 2018 Kardashian Japan trip got so much press, People called this location “the most Instagrammable ice-cream parlor in Japan.” Never ones to hold back, these sisters basically broke the internet with their eye-popping outfits, “nudles” captions, and pink hair.

“We scream for ice cream,” Kourtney said. The official caption was: “Kourtney & Kim Take Tokyo.” Yeah, that and a whole load of ice-cream.

While the trip was to promote Kanye West’s Yeezy line, it was actually Kim’s comments on her sisters that made the most headlines. Calling them “clowns,” as The Daily Mail reports, Kim was so “disgusted” with her sisters’ outfits, she couldn’t even eat her dinner. Well, there’s always ice-cream as a back-up.


Britney Spears: It Wouldn’t Be Britney Without Ice-Cream

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Britney Spears never pretended to be what she isn’t. When The Daily Mail got ahold of Britney’s grocery list floating around a parking lot, the newspaper noted that Britney couldn’t spell. “Cinamin Toast Crunch” joined “mayenaise” in Britney not quite winning the Spelling Bee, but we love her as she is.

Britney might have the millions, but she hasn’t forgotten her humble Louisiana roots. Queen of Walmart and pushing carts around, this girl has another love. It’s called ice-cream. The Toxic singer is frequently seen around California getting ice-cream with her two sons.

Despite the indulging though, Britney is still a fitness icon. At the age of 37, Britney takes to Instagram in teeny tiny workout outfits (but the abs are a big deal). We saw this pic and it just reminded us– Britney is what she is.


Hailey Baldwin: Unclear What Justin Bieber Is Doing, #Don’tCare

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Hailey Baldwin was a bit of a nobody back in the day. Now married to Justin Bieber, this model’s Instagram following is gathering up speed, although Hailey has a way to go before being #KendallJenner. An interesting tweet popped up in 2018 (and it involved ice-cream). @nyoldman tweeted:

“I was interviewing Hailey Baldwin at magnum ice cream event and said her fav ice cream was Haagen dazs [sic] & when I asked her if she was allowed to say a competitor she yelled at me asking if I wanted her to lie.”

We’re not quite sure what to make of that. Either way, Hailey Baldwin finds herself on this list for being just another celeb who is clearly into her ice-cream. This outing with Justin Bieber added a #Comical from whatever Justin was doing, but we zoomed right in on Hailey’s cone.


Miley Cyrus: Feelings Couldn’t Be More Clear

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Miley Cyrus might post Instagram photoshoots that center around ice-cream, but this girl actually has some interesting views. “I’m playing this ’60s revolutionary. Woody plays someone who grew up in the suburbs of New York,” Miley told Elle. “He’s got an ice cream machine, and I’m like, People are starving and you’re sitting here making ice cream?! That’s my thing [in real life].”

As celebs go though, Miley is no different. In 2017, The Daily Mail spotted Miley grabbing ice-cream with Liam Hemsworth. We all know where that led. Just in time for the New Year, Miley revealed to the world that she is now Mrs. Liam Hemsworth just after Christmas 2018.

We can’t help notice that Miley (famous for her tongue) seems particularly well-equipped for the ice-cream challenge. A fitness pro she might be, but this girl can eat her ice-cream.


When Rihanna’s Face Totally Captured “Ice-Cream Finished” Feelings

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We’ve reached the point where using a celeb’s reaction is an official form of communication. Want to DM someone with a confused face? Take Mariah Carey trying to figure out what an electricity bill is– Mariah’s 2009 interview did, indeed, see her say that electricity is “free in America,” as per the MC Box interview showing it.

Rihanna is way younger than Mariah. Some things are just ageless, though. That feeling when the ice-cream is all gone. You can be five years old or 55. The reaction is the same. This pic of Rihanna wound up with a “what I feel like when the ice-cream is finished” on Pinterest. Presumably, RiRi felt the same.

It’s ice-cream. And not just anybody eating it. Hit share on Facebook for anyone you know who will absolutely LOL at these 15 celebs.

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