15 Sneaky Ways The Kardashians Earn Their Millions

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Kylie Jenner is now the world’s youngest billionaire. $900 million was already making headlines in 2018 as Kylie fronted Forbes magazine, but there’s been an update. As BBC reports, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is now the richest. Dabbling in makeup has gotten unreal for this 21-year-old, but there’s more to it than selling Lip Kits.

The Kardashians are now ruling Hollywood. The early days of being mocked have died. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris Jenner are now authorities on everything from makeup to motherhood, and you clicking on this article is living proof. We’re brainwashed to respond to anything “k,” although these girls didn’t pick their birth names.

Kim rules beauty with KKW Beauty. Khloe’s Good American denim line made $1 million on its launch day, Racked reports. In 2019, Kourtney took to Instagram to announce her upcoming lifestyle brand, Poosh. Kendall? Aside from joining her sisters on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this model is now the highest-paid in the world.

The Kardashians don’t just make money selling their merch, though. There’s a business mindset to these ladies that gives them the Midas Touch– the minute they stick their fingers in a pie, that pie turns to gold. Honestly, it’s straight-up impressive. They aren’t ditzy. They’re the opposite of stupid. Smart, savvy, and dedicated, these girls are earning their cash because they work at it.

Most of the money earned by this family seems to come from well-known business ventures like KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics. There’s way more, though. Here are 15 somewhat-sneaky ways the Kardashians earn their millions.


$1 Million Per Sponsored Instagram Post

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They’re all at it. Cardi B promotes TeamiBlends with advice that it’s helping her post-baby body. Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout does the same. Neither of them is earning anywhere near what Kylie Jenner does for her input, though. In 2018, CNBC reported that Kylie Jenner now commands up to $1 million per sponsored Instagram post.

$1 million for hitting “post.” It’s closer to $13,000 for Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout, but Kylie is steaming ahead.

Celebrity Nine has called Kylie “Instagram’s most-bankable star.” TeamiBlends isn’t Kylie’s only promo. Calvin Klein is also contributing to Kylie’s billionaire status. So is Adidas. Anything with a #ad on that girl’s Instagram is a source of income. Between the sisters, we’ve seen promotion for FitTea, Estee Lauder, Proactiv, PUMA, Fendi, and Magnum. Ice-cream might cost us, but for this family, it’s just another way to #Earn. An Instagram calculator will easily show you the figures for Kylie (and Maci).


$500,000 To Be A Billionaire’s Opera Date

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2014 feels a while back. Kylie Jenner was still viewed as the “spoiled teenager,” and Kim and Kanye were still walking down the aisle. 2014 was also the year that Kim earned a staggering half a million dollars just to be someone’s date. Accompanying an Austrian billionaire to the Vienna Annual Opera Ball netted Kim K $500,000.

Kim “stormed out” after: “[He said] he would dance with her if the orchestra played N****rs in Vienna,” the outlet writes, noting the statement refers directly to Kanye’s song with Jay-Z, Ni**as in Paris.”

As The Independent reports, it was a bit of a “have your cake and eat it” affair as Kim left the ball while still netting her $500,000. The newspaper doesn’t suggest that Kim’s date was the problem, though. A man was “harassing” Kim. Yeah, you’d totally forgotten about that “half a milli”. #StillAnInspiration


Wearing Each Other’s Clothes, #WorkAsAPack

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The Kardashians work as a pack. There’s nothing wrong with it– it’s what most of us would do if we had the chance. Do it well, though, and nobody will notice. It goes a little something like this: Khloe is the founder of Good American denim. The jeans were being worn by Kylie as early as 2016. KKW Beauty x Kylie Cosmetics exists (duh).

It goes way further, though. Family is everything to the Kardashians. The promo music for Khloe’s Good American? It’s a Kanye West track. The music on Kylie’s Instagram stories as she drives around LA? It’s Travis Scott (as are the Astroworld tee selfies).

It’s called being a power family. In 2018, three generations of Kardashians fronted the luxury Italian brand, Fendi. Kim, North West, and Kris Jenner are in the ad. “Stormi Strolls” that saw a custom-made Fendi stroller? There’s a link, right?



Kids This Cute, Lip Kits Sell Themselves

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We’re still getting over how cute this was. In 2018, Stormi appeared on Kylie’s Instagram for a little video time. This baby was sitting on her playmat (but she was clutching a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit). With her mommy as the CEO, we’ll assume there are plenty lying around the house.

“Trying to teach her some new words.” This Instagram video of Stormi came with instructions: “Kylie…Cosmetics. Kylie…Cosmetics.” We got a giggle, babbling, and “Dada.” #SoCute, the Lip Kits sold themselves.

There’s no law saying you can’t have your kid holding your merch. Then again, if there were a law of good business sense, this video would be it. The entire world basically melted watching Stormi babble her reply (and Kylie laughed, too). The promo was amazing, and it almost made us want to buy a Lip Kit. #MissionAccomplished


Holiday Wishlists “Casually” Include Family Merch

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It’s more about Instagram these days, but the Kardashian websites still get traffic. Much like we have Amazon wishlists, the Kardashians have their own. It’s called grabbing a business opportunity. Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, these sisters will have something to recommend.

Nicely sprinkled across everyday purchases, you’ll spot a pattern. Kylie will be crushing on KKW Beauty products. Kim will recommend an Estee Lauder beauty purchase (and Kendall is the brand’s face). Even Rob Kardashian will be included as the sisters recommend their brother’s sock line.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just a touch sneaky. Here we are, casually browsing their Sephora or Chanel faves, and we don’t even realize that we’re swallowing up promo. What we’d give for these girls’ brains.


$150 Million Because We Can’t Stop Watching This

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Having cameras follow you around while you eat salad? Turns out it can be pretty lucrative. There’s a problem, though. We’d be total hypocrites if we dissed the Kardashians for earning so much money (while we grab the popcorn and tune in). Keeping Up With The Kardashians started airing back in 2007.

The Kardashians can earn up to $500,000 per episode for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In 2017, E! renewed the family contract for $150 million.

In 2018, Kim basically broke the internet by calling Kourtney “the least exciting to look at,” on Season 15. In Touch Weekly reports that earnings for the show’s main members can be up to half a million dollars per episode. In 2014, TV Guide reported the series raking in $10 million per episode for the family. And still, we’re hooked.


The Paris Hilton Yeezy Promo (That Totally Worked)

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This may well go down in history as the best promo idea ever. In 2018, everyone’s heads turned twice when Paris Hilton was papped looking exactly like Kim Kardashian. The wardrobe was Yeezy, but the #KimEffect was behind it. Vogue ran an entire article, where it quotes Paris Hilton.

“They didn’t tell me the concept. I just knew I was wearing the clothes. When they finished and I looked in the mirror I was laughing. I literally looked like Kim’s twin, so I sent her a picture and we were both laughing about it. She’s like, ‘You look so hot. I love the wig on you.'”

It doesn’t matter how much Kanye earned. What matters, is that someone had the genius to come up with this as an idea. “Yeezy will hit a billion this year,” Kanye has said, according to GQ.


We Were Hooked Enough To Pay For Their Apps

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“The Kardashian apps are dead,” Tech Crunch reported in December 2018. The paid apps launched by these sisters in 2015 might be shutting shop, but let’s not forget how much the Kardashians earned from them. It didn’t cost much. Around $2.99 per month.

The paid-for apps offered fans an “upgraded experience” just around the time following the Kardashians (and everything they do) really became the “experience” we all want. We could see their Outfit Of The Day. We got previews of True’s nursery from Khloe. Whether it was diet and exercise tips or parenting, it was available.

Kendall Jenner was the first to shut down her app. In 2019, Kylie called the venture “an incredible experience” as she thanked fans for their support. No figure is available for how much they earned (but we’ll assume it wasn’t bad).


Kim Earned $18 Million From Her Second Wedding

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Kim and Kanye are now so solid, everyone’s basically forgotten that it’s Kim’s third marriage. In 2014, Kim and Kanye tied the knot. In 2011, Kim married Kris Humphries, although she admitted in 2017 that she “knew” the marriage would end, The Daily Mail reports. Of course, the event was filmed.

“Man, I’m glad I got out when I did,” Kris Humphries Tweeted about his 72-day marriage to Kim. “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” landed Kim $18 million.

As NBC2 reports, the NBC-filmed event raked in an estimated $18 million for Kim. The media outlet quotes “licensing fees, endorsement, and broadcast deals” as contributing to the amount. We prefer the Kim and Kanye version. Now that was a fairytale wedding.



They Are Beyond Smart With Real Estate

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Real estate is a game whether you live in a tiny town in Illinois or in Beverly Hills, California. It’s all about numbers and timing. The Kardashian-Jenner property portfolio has been growing in recent years. Kylie Jenner spent $13.4 million in 2018 (for her fifth home), Realtor reports.

It isn’t about the spending, here. It’s about saving. As Go Banking Rates reports, Kendall spent $6.5 million on a home that was originally listed for $6.95 million. The home belonged to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Kylie has done similar, selling a $2.7 million purchase price for $3.15 million.

Nobody really pays attention to these “small” figures. We’re too busy gawking at the marbles and pools. Then again, when the whole family is doing it, those little savings all add up.


Don’t Think They Go On Ellen For Free

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We tune into The Ellen Show for free. We pay for it in a pretty simple way. It’s called watching the ads during the break (and not realizing how much we’re influenced by them). This happens across networks and across the globe. We’ll get super-excited if a Kardashian is on Ellen, but don’t think the appearances are free.

NBC2 reports that Kim can earn six figures for a single appearance. However hard we’re laughing as Kim tells Ellen that those baking Instagram pics get her “into trouble” with Kanye, it’s Kim who’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Also, if you’re wondering, Kim did say that sometimes, you have to “do things for the ‘Gram.” Precisely why we can’t stop watching this woman. Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe have also appeared on the show. We’re waiting for Khloe to talk about Tristan…


Travis Scott Has Nike Links (Spot The Shoes)

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We were way too busy gushing over Stormi to even notice the slick footwear. Well, at first, anyway. In 2018, Stormi celebrated reaching eight months. We got the cutest pics ever, plus an insight into just how trendy this baby is. Travis Scott has a shoe collaboration with Nike. It’s awesome, and it’s selling very nicely.

“We about to be walking soon. OG 3s I see u mama.” #BestCaptionEver from Travis, but Nike is getting mentioned.

In fact, Travis even references Nike in his lyrics: “Woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth, At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose, Yeah, Jump Out boys, that’s Nike boys, hoppin’ out coupes” are from “Sicko Mode.” Stormi’s high-top Nike sneakers here might have been random. Then again, maybe not.


Kylie’s Lip Injections: Worship, Brand, Billionaire

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“It came from an insecurity and I turned it into something. I was insecure about my lips, and lipstick is what helped me feel confident.” That’s what Kylie Jenner had to say about the birth of Kylie Cosmetics, Teen Vogue reports. Kylie has admitted to having lip injections, though.

“I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty. I really wanted bigger lips. I would overline my lips with lip liner just to create the illusion of bigger lips. And then finally I was like this lip liner isn’t doing it. [I] ended up getting my lips done.”

Having a little work done is a woman’s choice. What kind of happened with Kylie, is that a cosmetically-enhanced pout became iconic. Teen girls worshipped the result, and that’s around about the time that Lip Kits started selling. A little questionable on the morals, but still a way to earn.


Kylie Was Paid $100K To Turn Up To Her Own Birthday Party

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We’d give our left arm to be paid to attend our own birthdays. When you’re Kylie Jenner though, you get paid just to turn up. The craziest thing about the $100,000 figure is that it’s from 2015– we can only imagine what it would be now. As Cosmopolitan reports, Kylie earned just this to attend her own 18th birthday party.

“Kylie decided the VIP restroom at the venue wasn’t VIP enough for her liking, “[and] asked to be taken back to her car by security.” Kylie was then “driven 50 to 100 feet to another, evidently more suitable bathroom.”

Oops for the magazine’s reported “diva tendencies.” Still, what a way to earn cash. There’s a reason that Kylie was paid, though. A Tweet said: “Overheard at Beachclub: “I’m so excited to see her I can’t breathe.” The Kylie kountdown is almost up.”


 The Less You Wear, The More You Earn (#Viral)

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It’s the oldest rule in the book. The less you wear, the more it sells. It worked for Marilyn Monroe, and it’s still working for the Kardashians. The girls who are happy to take nude or near-nude selfies are now world-famous, but let’s remember that there’s a #BodyConfidence here that’s pretty admirable.

Kim has lashed back at the haters. While Khloe has admitted to Photoshopping her selfies, she did repost the originals. Tiny dresses. String bikinis. Sometimes, nothing at all. When a pic goes viral, the celeb’s overall fame rises.

Kim’s selfies have become so popular, she’s published an entire book of them. It’s called Selfish. The Kardashians might own closets overflowing with Versace, but they know the drill. Keep the material to a minimum (and make more money). Good on them.

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