15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bird Box Star Sandra Bullock

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It’s hard to remember a time when Sandra Bullock wasn’t on red carpets and appearing on the big screen year after year. She’s Hollywood’s sweetheart, the queen of rom coms, and has managed to build a thriving career that has spanned decades. As she grows older, she’s begun taking on increasingly interesting roles, swapping out her typical rom com fare to play a mom trying to protect her children from monsters in Bird Box, or an ex-con planning a huge heist in Ocean’s 8. Regardless of what type of characters she plays, one thing is for sure — she’s got plenty of years ahead of her in the entertainment industry. People still love Sandra Bullock, and she’s not going anywhere!

While you may have seen every single one of her movies, how much do you actually know about the silver screen sweetheart? Bullock is officially in her mid-50s now, and is balancing the roles of being a mother and being a huge celebrity with grace. Here are 15 things you may not have known about her — you can bust out some of these facts the next time you’re chatting with someone about Bird Box. We can’t wait to see what projects she has up her sleeve next.


She Spent The First 12 Years Of Her Life In Nuremberg, Germany

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Sandra Bullock was often referred to as America’s Sweetheart back in the day, and was actually born in Arlington, Virginia. However, did you know that she actually spent the vast majority of her childhood in Nuremberg, Germany? She was raised there and grew up speaking German — which she still speaks today, so if you ever see her chatting away in German at an awards show set in the country, you’ll know why.

She held dual citizenship throughout her life, and obviously considers it an important part of her heritage. Who knows, perhaps when she tires of Hollywood, she’ll work on some projects in the German film world — it must be a little more low key than the paparazzi-strewn world of Hollywood!


Her Mother Was An Opera Singer — And Sandra Snagged Small Parts In Her Productions

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It’s fun to speculate about where celebrities got their love of performing and the stage, but in Sandra’s case, it’s pretty clear — it’s from her mother! Her mother was a voice teacher and opera singer throughout Sandra’s life, and she was inspired to study music and ballet when she was a child. And, as an added bonus, she was able to get a few small parts in the productions her mother was involved in. Though she was likely just some extra in the background of a busy scene on stage, it’s still a pretty cool experience to be a part of, especially when you’re young. Perhaps being on those opera stages under those bright lights gave Sandra her first taste of Hollywood.


She Has A Huge Fear Of Flying

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As a celebrity, Sandra has travelled quite a bit over the years, going to different movie location shoots and going on press tours to promote her projects. You might assume that, as such a seasoned flyer, she’d be totally fine with airplanes — but it turns out, that isn’t the case. She was absolutely terrified of flying for quite some time, and didn’t end up conquering her fear until she got the role in Gravity. She ended up pursuing the role because she knew it was something she had to do, and just battling to conquer her fears while she was there. Talk about a fearless woman! Hopefully she has a more enjoyable time on her trips now that she’s not quite so terrified during every moment of the flight.


She Worked As A Bartender And Waitress In NYC

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There are so, so many celebrities who end up hopping in their car the moment they graduate high school and heading to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of becoming a star. Well, Sandra Bullock took a slightly different route — the artist in her saw something more appealing about New York City, so that’s where she headed after spending one year at East Caroline University. She worked tirelessly on her craft, taking lessons with acting coach Sanford Meisner, and worked as a waitress and a bartender in the meantime to pay the bills. She was obviously dedicated to making it as an actress, and her hard work definitely paid off!


She Likes To Steal Things From Sets

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Sandra Bullock seems like an absolute sweetheart in every interview she does, but she recently let a little something slip that had fans shocked. When asked whether or not she had sticky fingers like her character Debbie Ocean, Bullock confessed that “I lift a lot of things from films. It’s not that I’ve stolen them, I’ve just taken them home because they were a part of my character, and if someone needs them back, I’ll gladly give them back.” We have to admit, we’re super curious now to see which pieces she’s taken from which sets — she could probably open her very own Sandra Bullock character museum at this point!


She Was A Cheerleader In High School

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With her bubbly personality, it may not come as a surprise to know that Sandra Bullock could be found shaking pom poms on the sidelines at her school’s football games while she was in high school — she was a cheerleader for Washington-Lee High School! Memorizing all those routines must come in handy for those roles in which she needs to learn choreography! And, she even admitted that she still has the uniform she wore back in the day. We would love nothing more than to see Sandy doing a sketch on SNL in which she busted out her old uniform — can you imagine?

She Doesn’t Have Any Social Media Accounts

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At this point, nearly every celebrity has some form of social media account. Some are absolutely devoted to their fans and post countless updates and glimpses behind the scenes at their real life, and others primarily use it to promote their projects and appearances. Regardless, it’s almost inescapable in Hollywood — unless you’re Sandra Bullock. She’s a major A-Lister starring in countless amazing projects, but she doesn’t bother with any of that social media nonsense, instead opting to spend her free time with friends and family rather than spending it scrolling through her phone for hours on end. She might be smarter than the rest of us!

She Started A Production Company, Fortis Films, In 1995

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If you thought Sandra Bullock was just an actress, you’d be wrong — she’s so much more than that. In the 1990s, Bullock decided she wanted to step behind the scenes and take on a different role in the entertainment industry, to help control projects more than she could when she was just playing one character. So, she created Fortis Films in 1995, which actually was the production company that launched The George Lopez Show, as well as produced her hit film Miss Congeniality. We can’t wait to see what other projects Fortis is working on — Miss Congeniality is still constantly on repeat for us!


She Won A Razzie And An Oscar In The Same Year

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In an amusing twist of fate, Sandra Bullock became the first person to win a Razzie award and an Oscar in the same year, for her roles in All About Steve and The Blind Side, respectively. Most actors and actresses just ignore the Razzies, which award awful performances on camera, but Bullock actually had the sense of humour to go accept the award in person, just as she did her Oscar. And with that gesture, she became the only actress to show up in person in order to accept the ‘prestigious’ award. We love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She Has A Scar Above Her Left Eye From A Childhood Accident

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If you’ve ever watched a movie in high def where they zoom in on Sandra’s face, you might notice that there’s a small scar above her left eye. That wasn’t something that happened on set, or in her foolish teenage years — it actually is the result of an accident where she fell into a creek at just 11 years old. Talk about a scary story! Still, we love that she’s never bothered to get it fixed in any way or handled by a dermatologist. She embraces herself, flaws and all, which is a message that’s so important for actresses to send to their audiences.


She Found Out She Was Allergic To Horses On The Set Of A Movie

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When you’re on the set of a movie, there are always unexpected things that come up, but usually it’s not something as crazy as discovering a new allergy — but that’s exactly what happened to Bullock on the set of her movie Two If By Sea. Though she’s always seemed like an animal lover, she figured out that she was actually allergic to horses on set. So, if you ever wonder why you don’t see her in roles where she’s playing a cowgirl or rancher that spends every scene in the stables, that’s probably why — she doesn’t want to put her allergies through that kind of a test!

She Had A Major Crush On Keanu Reeves While Filming Speed

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Though she’s had countless memorable movies over the years, back in 1994, Speed was kind of considered Sandra Bullock’s big break. She was starring alongside Hollywood heartthrob Keanu Reeves, it was a major role, and it definitely made the public more aware of who she was. And, it turns out, there were some sparks flying on the set of the movie — although perhaps just from one direction. Sandra admitted recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that “it was hard for me to be really serious [on the set of Speed]. He’d look at me and I’d be like *explodes into swooning giggles*” Relatable!

She’s Involved In The Austin, Texas Food Scene

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As if having a thriving career as an actress as well as owning your own production company wasn’t enough, Bullock also has her hand in entrepreneurial adventures of a culinary kind. Back in 2006, she started a restaurant in Austin called Bess Bistro, and then expanded her Austin culinary empire with a bakery, restaurant and floral shop combination across the road called Walton’s Fancy and Staple. Bess Bistro ended up closing after nearly a decade of business, but Walton’s seems to be successful to this day. Talk about a major powerhouse! I mean, what can’t the woman do? Look out Joanna Gaines — Sandra Bullock just might be taking over Texas.


She’s Dated Some Majorly Famous Faces Over The Years

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Because of how famous she is, Sandra Bullock’s relationships have been exhaustively covered by the tabloids over the years. The most notorious scandal was of course with her ex-husband, Jesse James, but before he came into her life, Bullock dated a series of fellow actors including Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling (who was quite a few years younger than her), and Tate Donovan (who she was actually engaged to as well). She also ventured into the world of professional athletes, dating Troy Aikman for a while. We’re not sure who Bullock will settle down, if anyone, but one thing is for sure — she’s had some seriously high profile relationships!


She Has Two Adorable Children

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While Sandra seems to genuinely enjoy her career and getting the opportunity to play different characters, there’s one thing that’s more important in her life than her job — her children. After years of dating and marriage and divorce, Bullock just didn’t want to wait to become a mother any more, and ended up adopting her son. Then, she decided to expand her family once more and adopted a baby girl.

She keeps her children away from the public eye as much as possible, raising them in New Orleans away from the bright lights of Hollywood, but she’s clearly an absolutely devoted mother. Who knows, perhaps one day her children will decide they want to get involved in the entertainment industry and she’ll get to see that world from an entirely different perspective!

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