15 Things You Didn’t Know About Brie Larson

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Brie Larson has been on the scene for quite a while now. However, since she got her start doing a lot of indie projects, many people still don’t know who she is. For a long time, she was one of those faces in Hollywood who worked consistently but wasn’t necessarily a household name.

That’s all about to change. Obviously, Brie Larson’s streak of wins for her breathtaking performance in Room had a huge impact on her career. However, there’s just nothing quite like the level of fame that comes with being in the Marvel/DC Universe. Simply put, if you play any sort of superhero or character in that world, you become an international superstar almost instantly.

It’s definitely not a decision to take lightly. Many actors and actresses don’t want to be associated with just one role. And, given the popularity of those films, you often commit to quite a few projects as there are always sequels and additional movies.

There’s no denying that it’s a smart career move if you want to become a bigger name and command a higher salary, though. Plus, it’s certainly a unique challenge. We were thrilled to hear that Brie Larson ended up getting the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.  She’ll do an amazing job, and we love that she’s finally getting some of the international recognition she deserves.

In honor of the recently released movie, here are 20 things you may not have known about the talented actress Brie Larson.


Brie Larson Isn’t Her Real Name

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Brie Larson certainly sounds like a snappy Hollywood name. It’s short, it’s memorable, and it’s easy to pronounce. Well, it turns out that’s because that’s exactly what it is — it’s not even her real name! Like many actresses, Larson decided to use a stage name when she began to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The actress’ real name is actually Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers — quite a mouthful! Understandably, she thought that her real name would be tough for many people to pronounce, and she didn’t want that as a barrier in her career. So, she shortened her first name to Brie. And, instead of using her real last name, she went for the easier to pronounce Larson.

Where did she get the surname inspiration? Believe it or not, an American Girl doll called Kirsten Larson.


She Didn’t Grow Up Wealthy

Brie Larson Childhood
Getty Images/ SGranitz

Quite a few actresses who get started in the industry at a young age do so because they have connections. Perhaps their parents are involved in the industry in some way and show business just runs in the family. That’s certainly not the case for Brie Larson.

In fact, she didn’t have an easy upbringing at all. When she was young, her parents split up. She already knew she wanted to pursue an acting career, so she ended up moving to Los Angeles with her mother and sister. However, they weren’t in a ritzy house in Beverly Hills. As she spilled in an interview, the family lived in a tiny studio apartment with no money, no toys, and even all shared a bed.


French Was Her First Language

Brie Larson 73rd Golden Globes
Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Did you know that Brie Larson could have been a star in the world of French cinema? Well, if she would have stuck with her first language, that is. Larson’s family is French-Canadian, and her first language was actually French! She grew up speaking it before she even learned English.

When she got older and entered school, she began to learn more and more English. Now, her French language skills have faded considerably, although she still recalls bits and pieces.

Who knows — perhaps one day she’ll play a character who is French, and want to brush up on her forgotten language skills.


She Became The Youngest Person Ever Admitted To The American Conservatory Theatre

USA Today

There’s no denying that Brie Larson is incredibly talented. She’s gotten a ton of critical praise for her various roles, not to mention awards. She brings characters to life on screen and truly touches audiences.

So, it may not come as a surprise that she actually experienced a pretty incredible milestone when she was just six years old. Larson knew she wanted to be an actress, so she convinced her mother to allow her to audition for a training program at the American Conservatory Theatre. The San Francisco program wasn’t easy to get into, and no one as young as her ever had.

That didn’t stop her, though, and her persistence paid off. She became the youngest person ever admitted to the American Conservatory Theatre — what an accomplishment!


She Was Homeschooled

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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Many, many actresses and actors who get their start at a young age are homeschooled. It’s a simple reality — if you want to be auditioning for acting jobs or travelling to film a project, attending regular school can be tough. So, if you still want to get an education while pursuing your entertainment industry dreams, homeschooling becomes an ideal option.

Larson was homeschooled for the vast majority of her childhood, and it was apparently one of the best decisions her parents could have made. She ended up graduating from high school at just 15. That meant she could pursue acting jobs without having to worry about attending classes and all that. And, it gave her the independence to pursue her acting career throughout her childhood, tween and teen years as well.


She’s A Big Star Wars Fan

Getty Images

Working with a young actor isn’t always easy. They might be nervous, and it can be an overwhelming process in general. However, Brie Larson managed to bond in an amazing way with her Room co-star Jacob Tremblay. And, it turns out, a lot of that was because of their joint love of Star Wars.

We never would have imagined Brie to be a science fiction fan, but apparently the Star Wars universe is totally her jam. Tremblay has even mentioned in interviews before that her love of the franchise is one of the reasons they’re best friends, which is just too adorable for words.


Before Making It Big As An Actress, She Was A Pop Star


Brie Larson has had a few roles over the years where she’s had to sing a bit. And, fans have been impressed that she actually has a pretty good voice. Well, that’s no surprise to Larson — she actually pursued a career as a pop star at one point!

That’s right — after trying to succeed in the acting industry during her childhood, she switched courses and tried to become a pop superstar. She released her debut album in 2005, entitled Finally Out Of P.E. 

Ultimately, though, it just wasn’t the right fit for her. She ended up returning to acting, and that’s obviously been the right decision based on how amazing she’s doing.


She’s A Total Feminist

Women In Film 2018 Crystal + Lucy Awards Brie Larson
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Thanks to their fame, celebrities have a huge platform. People around the world listen to the things they say. That makes it all the more impactful when they share their opinions or public support certain causes. And, that’s not something Brie Larson takes lightly. She is known for using her voice to shine light on the things she believes in.

One of those things is feminism. She’s been outspoken about how she feels Captain Marvel is the most feminist movie in that universe yet. That definitely played a huge part in her deciding to take on the role. And, she’s never afraid to speak her mind — she participated in the Women’s March in 2017, and will always call out shady behaviour in Hollywood.


She’s Allegedly Single Now

Brie Larson and Ex Fiance Red Carpet
Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

Relationships in Hollywood can be tough, as Brie Larson is learning. For quite some time, she’s been linked with Phantom Planet singer Alex Greenwald. The two started dating in 2013, and were engaged for about three years.

However, recently rumours have been floating that they have parted ways. While Larson is probably pretty heartbroken, sometimes you have to make hard decisions when it comes to love. If it just didn’t feel right, it’s better to break off an engagement than come to the realization once you’re already married. Luckily, she’ll be too busy promoting her new box office smash hit to spend too long dwelling on her broken engagement.


She’s A Huge Fan Of The Super Mario Bros. Video Games

Brie Larson Laughing Shot
AP Images/Invision

One of the things we love most about Brie Larson is that she’s not afraid to be herself. While many actresses put on a bit of a cool girl persona, she’s upfront about what she likes — even if that isn’t the coolest stuff.

For example, Larson has admitted to being a big fan of the Super Mario Bros. video games. Many would hesitate to admit that kind of thing. After all, they wouldn’t want people to think they were childish. However, Larson is unapologetic about the things that bring her job, which is an amazing example to set.

She’s totally confident in herself — and that’s something everyone should be inspired by!


She’s Not Afraid To Step Behind The Camera

Brie Larson Black Dress
Getty Images

Brie Larson has had a ton of success in front of the camera as an actress. However, like many other creatives in Hollywood, there came a point when she wanted to explore the other side of the equation. She knew how to bring a character to life on screen — but, she wanted to create a story on the page.

So, back in 2012, she sat down to co-write and co-direct a short film called The Arm.  While many screenwriters take a long time before they achieve any success, Larson had a smash hit out of the box. She ended up winning an award at Sundance for the project, the Special Jury Award for Comedic Storytelling.

Is there anything the woman can’t do?


She’s Passionate About Mycology

Brie Larson in Trainwreck

Brie Larson certainly has a few unusual interests, but there aren’t many as strange as her love of fungus. You see, when Larson isn’t on set working on her latest project, she may very well be foraging in a forest for mushrooms.

In a Reddit AMA a few years ago, she admitted that she’s studied mycology (the study of mushrooms and fungi) for years now. “That may seem like the strangest, but I’m passionate about it,” she revealed.

It’s certainly not a hobby we ever would have guessed she had, but what a fascinating passion! We love that she just always marches to the beat of her own drum.


She Trained For Nine Months To Play Captain Marvel


It’s not easy to play an action hero. Even though you may have the help of a stunt double, you want to look a certain way on screen. You want audiences to believe you’re actually capable of the insane feats your character performs.

Larson is naturally quite slim and svelte. So, to play the role of Captain Marvel, she knew she would have to transform her physique a little bit. And, that’s exactly what she did — through a ton of hard work.

She allegedly trained for about nine months to prepare for the role. And, though she admits that it wasn’t critical for the role, it was really important for her to help get into character.


She Loved Hollywood Classics As A Kid

Brie Larson Magazine Spread
Christopher Patey

Most kids remember watching, well, kids’ movies when they were younger. At some point, you move from cartoons to regular movies, but most children watch projects aimed at a younger audience. Brie Larson was a little bit different.

Apparently, since she knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actress, she knew she had to check out the classics. So, instead of watching kids’ movies, she watched cinematic staples. We’re talking about things like Gone with the Wind and Masculin Feminin.

Obviously, those years of watching the classics had an impact on her. She brings a total mastery to every character she plays.


She Used To Run A Literary Magazine, Bunnies And Traps

Brie Larson Reading

Brie Larson is just full of surprises! We always knew the actress was creative and multi-talented, but this is  pretty unique thing to have under your belt.

It turns out, earlier in her career, Larson actually ran a literary magazine called Bunnies and Traps. She would publish some of her own writing as well as submissions that readers around the world sent in.

Many creative individuals remember putting together their own magazines at home for fun. However, not many take that next step and actually create a product that the wider world can read. Talk about impressive! Brie Larson just has so much talent.

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