15 Things You Didn’t Know About Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — better known as Lady Gaga — has been a staple of the entertainment industry for over a decade now. That’s right — believe it or not, she released her very first album, The Fame, back in 2008. Since then, Gaga has become a music industry staple. She consistently released smash hit songs and always brings amazing energy to every performance. It’s no surprise that her fans — also known as her Little Monsters — absolutely love her. She’s one of a kind!

And recently, she decided to take a bit of a career risk and try her hand at acting in A Star Is Born. She didn’t play an over the top character that was like her stage persona. Instead, she played a super raw, vulnerable aspiring songwriter. While Gaga already had developed her stage persona when she became successful, we bet she remembered all the struggles when she was just Stefani.

Now, it seems that the world can’t stop talking about Lady Gaga. We’re not sure if she’s going to continue pursuing acting roles or if it was a one time thing with Bradley Cooper. However, one thing is for sure — whether musically or on screen, we just can’t get enough of her. The woman is so insanely talented!

Whether you’ve become a fan because of A Star Is Born or have been a fan since the very beginning, there’s no denying that Gaga is absolutely fascinating. Here are 15 things you may not have known about the superstar.


There’s A Species Of Plant Named After Her

"LADY GAGA ENIGMA" Headlines Park MGM Las Vegas Grand Opening
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Park MGM Las Vegas

Okay, this is a bit of a strange one — and it’s not something that many people can claim. It turns out, there are scientists who are Gaga fans as well, because there’s a genus of ferns named after the pop star. Some of the ferns include the Gaga germanotta and the Gaga monstraparva. We’re not sure what inspired the naming of the ferns, but we have to admit, it’s so unexpected that it’s totally Gaga!

When asked what she thought about the plants that had been named after her, she had a great response for Reddit. Gaga stated that “it’s pretty cool, especially since it is an asexual fern, there are 19 species contained within the genus. All sexless, judgeless. How cool. How I wish to be.”


She Taught Herself To Play Piano At Age Four

Lady Gaga Vegas Residency
Mike Ehrmann/Getty

For a lot of her performances, Gaga just has a microphone or headset — no instruments. That’s not because she’s a pop star who doesn’t know how to play any instruments. In fact, she got her start with the piano. It’s just that her shows are huge productions with crazy choreography and costumes — she can’t always be sitting at a piano.

Well, Gaga has always been very musically inclined, and the piano was her gateway into the musical world. When she was just four years old, Gaga apparently taught herself how to play the piano by ear. She just knew what she wanted to hear and figured out what to play to get there. Crazy!

She eventually ended up taking lessons so she’d be able to read and write music properly.


Her Stage Name Comes From A Queen Song

Lady Gaga VS Fashion Show
Francois Mori/AP

While Gaga would have been successful no matter what, given her powerful voice, there’s no denying that her stage name and persona had an impact. Stefani Germanotta was talented — Lady Gaga was an international powerhouse. And, for fans who may not know, her stage name was actually inspired by another musical legend — Queen.

Queen has a hit song called “Radio Ga Ga,” and someone apparently texted a reference to the song to Gaga back when she was starting out. However, the song title was autocorrected to Lady Gaga, and the name immediately struck the pop star. She knew within a split second that she had just found her stage name.


She Has A Ton Of Tattoos

Lady Gaga Tattoos
Getty Images

Lady Gaga is insanely creative, so it makes sense that she’d have a ton of tattoos. After all, tattoos are art, a way of expressing yourself on your skin. That’s definitely something that aligns with what Gaga is all about.

She apparently got her very first tattoo, of a treble clef on her lower back, when she was just 17. Music played a huge role in her life and she wanted to mark that in some way — even though she had to use a fake ID to make it happen! She loved it, but her parents weren’t exactly fans of the decision right away!

She’s gotten countless other tattoos over the years of things that inspire her.


She Started Bleaching Her Hair After She Was Mistaken For Amy Winehouse

Lady Gaga Instagram Closeup Dark Brows

One of the biggest ways Gaga transformed for her role in A Star Is Born was by dyeing her hair. Her platinum blonde locks were such a huge part of her persona that she was almost unrecognizable with chocolate brown hair. However, did you know that Gaga is actually a natural brunette?

Apparently, when she first started trying to make her music career happen, she was rocking her natural brown hair. However, someone ended up mistaking her for Amy Winehouse — and she wanted to be an individual. So, she began bleaching her hair blonde to ensure that mistake would never be made again.

Now, her bleached blonde hair is one of her signatures.


She’s Godmother To Elton Jon’s Sons


It totally makes sense that Gaga and Elton John would have a strong connection. After all, they’re kind of cut from the same cloth. Both are a little bit controversial, and totally unafraid to be theirselves on stage. They’re passionate about a lot of the same causes, which also impacts their bond.

In fact, the two are so close that Elton John ended up asking Gaga to be the godmother to his sons, Zachary and Elijah. Obviously, Elton John’s children are around plenty of celebrities all the time. However, can you imagine how crazy it must be to have Lady Gaga as your godmother? The boys are still fairly young — eight years old and six years old, respectively. Once they get older, though, they’ll likely appreciate just how unique and cool it is.


She Has Fibromyalgia


Celebrities have been becoming increasingly open and honest about the things they struggle with, from mental health to physical health issues. It’s definitely a positive trend — openness and honesty is key, and can definitely inspire their legions of fans.

Gaga got real about her struggle with fibromyalgia in her Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two. And, it just highlighted how impressive her accomplishments truly are. It would be tough enough to keep her crazy schedule and do her insane performances show after show. However, doing so when you’re battling a health issue like fibromyalgia is truly inspiring.

However, we love that Gaga is also unafraid to do what she needs to do for her health. For example, she cut a world tour short at one point when her fibromyalgia got too tough to handle. Self-care is so critical!


She Wrote “Born This Way” In 10 Minutes

Lady Gaga Born This Way
Mariano Vivanco

There are many songwriters who agonize over every lyric. It takes them weeks to create songs that they feel proud to present. Gaga has a bit of a different approach.

Apparently, it took her just ten minutes to write her smash hit song, “Born This Way.” As she told Vogue, “I wrote [it] in 10 f—ing minutes. And it is a completely magical message song. And after I wrote it, the gates just opened, and the songs kept coming It was like an immaculate conception.”

It’s definitely fascinating to get a peek into her creative process. While she obviously works incredibly hard, the creative parts of what she does just seem to flow to her so effortlessly!


She Was Bullied In School

Lady Gaga Microphone
Restoration Cake

At this stage in her life, Gaga has fans around the world who absolutely adore her. However, that wasn’t always the case. Back when she was a student, she apparently got bullied throughout school.

She spilled to Rolling Stone about her high school years, saying that she was “teased for being ugly, having a big nose, being annoying. Your laugh is funny, your’e weird, why do you always sing, why are you so into theatre, why do you do your make-up like this?… I didn’t even want to go to school sometimes.” Yikes! What an awful experience.

Well, thankfully she didn’t let the bullies get her down, and she stayed true to who she was. The things those former classmates made fun of are exactly what made her successful!


She Was On An Episode Of The Sopranos

Mamaluke Film

While Gaga had never had a leading role as big as the one she did in A Star Is Born, she wasn’t a total stranger to acting. Back when she was just a teen, she managed to snag a guest starring role in an episode of the HBO hit The Sopranos.

She played a somewhat mischievous, bad girl classmate in the episode “The Telltale Moozadell.” However, unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, you may never recognize the girl on screen as Lady Gaga. She looks totally different, younger with her brunette hair.

Who knows — perhaps now that she has a major film success under her belt, she’ll continue to pursue acting in the years to come!


Before She Was A Solo Superstar, She Was In A Band

Lady Gaga Coachella 2017
Greg Noire/Coachella 2017

Gaga is pretty much born to be a solo star. I mean, she has such crazy charisma on stage and just brings an audience to life. She definitely deserves the spotlight, not to be one of a huge group on the stage.

However, when she first got started in the music industry, she didn’t have her crazy Gaga persona. She wasn’t quite comfortable being the only one on stage, so she put together a band. It was called the Stefani Germanotta Band, and consisted of a few people she knew from Tisch at New York University. They played gigs throughout the Lower East Side and actually weren’t too bad. Although, how could you be anything but amazing with Gaga as your lead singer?


She Helped MAC Raise Over $202 Million

Lady Gaga Vogue IT
Vogue Italia

While she’s been rocking a more natural look lately, for a long time, Gaga was known for her over the top make-up. She loved to transform herself through beauty. That’s what made her collaboration with make-up giant MAC, Viva Glam, such a success.

She worked with MAC to create a Viva Glam lipstick that would help raise awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS awareness. And, to say it was a huge success would be an understatement. Over the years, the Viva Glam collaboration has raised over $202 million for the cause that Gaga believes in. How amazing is that! Talk about using your platform for good.


She Went To A Ritzy School With The Hilton Sisters

Sacred Heart Convent School Lady Gaga

We’re a little surprised that Gaga didn’t end up attending the famous creative LaGuardia school in New York. Countless actresses and musicians got their start there, and she would have fit right in.

Instead, she was sent to Covenant of the Sacred Heart, a private catholic school on the Upper East Side. And, her classmates included plenty of socialites, including Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Obviously, in a sea of socialites and daughters of the NYC elite, Gaga stood out like a sore thumb. She was artsy and eccentric, which many of her classmates just didn’t get. It definitely wasn’t the best high school experience for her.


Her Crazy Meat Dress Weighed 50 Pounds

Lady Gaga Meat Dress
Getty Images

The meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 Video Music Awards is without doubt one of the most memorable awards show outfits in history. She’s rocked a lot of unconventional outfits, but never one that actually contained a food group.

The thing that makes it all the more impressive, though, is the fact that the dress weighed a whopping 50 pounds. That must have been so tough to wear all night long! The smell alone would have been pretty gross, but the fact that it was so heavy makes the dress even more crazy.

It just shows how committed Gaga is to making a statement!


She Often Travels With A Teacup And Saucer

Lady Gaga Teacup Japan
EPA/Franck Robichon

Okay, we have to admit, this little tidbit is pretty adorable. It turns out, drinking tea is something that Gaga does often with her mother — it’s a bit of a ritual for them. So, Gaga gets that sense of comfort and home when she’s out travelling on the road by bringing a teacup and saucer with her.

That way, even when she’s in the midst of a busy press tour, or has back to back performances, she has a little bit of home with her. Life on the road certainly isn’t easy, even if you’re travelling in luxury like Gaga likely is. Anything that can help make the process a little bit more comfortable is key.

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