15 Things You Didn’t Know About Queer Eye

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There’s no denying that the Netflix Queer Eye reboot is one of the streaming service’s most successful shows. And Netflix certainly doesn’t have a shortage of successful shows! Often, doing a new version of a beloved old show can be a huge risk. And the reboot definitely could have tanked if they didn’t find the right cast. However, whoever was responsible for casting knew exactly what they were doing — and they assembled a team that audiences pretty much immediately fell in love with.

First of all, there’s the sassy Johnathan Van Ness, who is responsible for all the major grooming moments. Karamo Brown, who delivers a healthy dose of culture. Antoni Porowski, who teaches the individuals the team is working with how to navigate their way around a kitchen. Tan France, who refreshes the wardrobes of everyone on the show and makes sure they have amazing looks to pull together. And, of course, Bobby Berk, who transforms everyone’s homes from sloppy to stunning.

The first two seasons earned plenty of fans, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of the third season. There’ll be amazing makeovers, amazing moments, and a whole lot to love. We can hardly wait!

In honor of the successful reboot’s third season, we’ve gathered 15 things you may not have known about the show. After all, you’ll need a little bit of trivia for the Queer Eye marathon you’re planning when Netflix drops the latest season!


Bobby Works Way More Than The Other Guys


All the guys on the show have certain things that they’re responsible for in every makeover. And many fans have commented that it seems like Bobby is always the one doing the most. After all, he’s not just responsible for one recipe, or one haircut. He’s got a whole space to transform!

Well, it turns out, that perception is totally accurate. Most of the other cast members only have to work three or four days out of the week with an individual, while Bobby works all seven days. Transforming a space isn’t easy! Even though Bobby has some help from his team, that’s a ton of work to condense into such a short time frame.


Antoni Was The Personal Chef Of The Original Queer Eye Food Expert

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

The guy specializing in food seems like it would have been one of the easier roles to fill. After all, there are a ton of amazing chefs who could teach anyone a thing or two. Antoni was the one chosen, and while it’s likely partly because he’s some major eye candy, he also has a bit of a connection to the original show. What a small world!

It turns out, Antoni was actually the personal chef and assistant to Ted Allen. Allen was, well, the Antoni of the original Queer Eye — he was responsible for the food-related components of the makeover.  Antoni probably tapped his former boss for a few tips when he managed to snag his spot on the show!


There Was One Huge Audition To Cast All Five Guys

Queer Eye Casual Shot Of The Cast
Access Online

Due to the nature of the show, with all the guys working together on one individual at a time, casting must have been tricky. After all, each individual needs to be a superstar on their own, so they shine in all their scenes.

However, they all also need to have chemistry together, so they mesh as a group. After all, half the fun of the show is that it feels as though you’re just hanging out with a group of close friends.

Bobby spilled a little to Variety about the process, saying that “it was like speed-dating. We’d go in groups of five from table to table with various executives and just rotate until they found who they were looking for.” Talk about intimidating!


Tan Got Recruited On Social Media — And Almost Turned It Down

Tan France White Suit At Event
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While many of the guys on the show have been involved in different projects over the years, none were really in show business. Antoni did some modeling and acting, but even he wasn’t a pro in front of the camera. However, it turns out that Tan didn’t even audition — and almost turned the role down!

Tan is amazing on camera, so it’s surprising to hear that he wasn’t sure it was the right choice for him. However, he didn’t initially decide to audition at all — he was recruited on social media. He ended up going to the audition, and as he told ET, “the first day I cried because it was so terrifying for me, because I was the kind of guy that didn’t really like to get his photo taken…I went to the audition because I thought I would make some gay friends. I never thought that I would get the job.” Too cute!


Karamo’s Nickname On Set Is ‘Karoprah’

Karamo Brown Interview
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Karamo’s role on the show is the most varied because, well, ‘culture’ is such a hard category to pin down. He can’t just teach someone how to make an appetizer or how to style their beard. He has to figure out what each person needs that he could help with, and deliver that.

Bobby spilled about Karamo’s nickname behind the scenes to Architectural Digest. As he said, “Karamo was a counselor before, so he really takes the ‘culture’ category to more of a self-help place. He really gets in there and he’s a really great listener, we call him ‘Karoprah.'” I mean, if you’re going to be compared to someone, Oprah is a pretty big compliment!


The People On The Show Are Called ‘Heroes’

Queer Eye Hero Tom

Okay, this little detail is so sweet that we can’t even handle it. On most reality shows, the individuals who appear are referred to as contestants of some sort, or perhaps cast members if it’s not a competition show and they appear on multiple episodes. For Queer Eye, they had to come up with a name to call the individuals featured, and they didn’t just want to go with clients. So, they landed on ‘heroes.’

That’s right — the amazing, brave people who agree to be on the show are referred to as ‘heroes.’ That is just too sweet for words! We love how the show is all about empowerment and positivity.


Karamo Has An Inclusion Stipulation In His Contract

Queer Eye Cast SiriusXM
Roy Rochlin/Getty

None of the cast members were household names before getting cast on the show. So, no one really went into it with a diva-ish list of demands in their contract. However, Karamo did make sure to include a little stipulation that was really important to him — and it’s all about inclusivity.

Karamo had been on a few reality television sets before and knew it was quite common to find a crew that was really not diverse at all. So, he always includes a stipulation in his contract that the team responsible for the show he’s on must hire two or three gay African-American individuals as part of the crew. We love his commitment to championing diversity.


Jonathan Has Another Show Of His Own — A Web Series Called Gay of Thrones

JVN Funny Or Die Gay of Thrones
Funny Or Die

We’re not sure if it’s just all those hours spent chatting while styling hair, or if it’s just JVN’s personality, but the man is definitely amazing on camera. He always has quick quips and funny comments, no matter what the situation.

That skill definitely shines through on Queer Eye, but it also is evident in his web series, Gay of Thrones. Before he was ever on Queer Eye, JVN ended up launching a parody of the super popular HBO series — and the web series even ended up getting an Emmy nomination back in 2016! Talk about a multi-talented guy. Is there anything he can’t do?


Tan Lives In Utah With His Mormon Cowboy Hubby

Tan France Salt Lake City Tribune Shoot
Paige Soviet

Looking at Tan, you’d likely assume that he lived in either New York City or Los Angeles. There’s just something about his style and attitude that seems made for the big city. However, in reality, his surroundings when he’s not filming the show are totally different. His home is in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his hubby Rob.

His husband, it turns out, is a Mormon cowboy who calls Utah home. And, since Tan already made the move from England to the United States, moving to Utah didn’t seem all that crazy. We have to admit, in all the pictures Tan takes in Utah, it definitely looks absolutely gorgeous!


Karamo Is A Reality Television Veteran Who Was On The Real World

Karamo Brown Real World
Billy Penn

Unless you’re a superfan of The Real World, you likely don’t remember the contestants from the Philadelphia season way back in 2004. However, if you look closely at the cast, you’ll see someone who looks pretty familiar — Karamo!

That’s right — before he was helping people with their problems and issues on Queer Eye, Karamo was a reality television contestant on the popular Real World franchise. And, he set quite the record — when he appeared on the show, he was the first openly gay black man to be cast on a reality show, ever. Talk about a trailblazer! His current role obviously takes a lot more skill than the partying reality shows popular back in the ’90s and ’00s, but still — it must have been an interesting experience!


The Guys Have No Say In Who Appears On The Show

Queer Eye Crew Watching Makeover

It’s always interesting to get a peek behind the scenes at how certain shows actually work. Many fans assumed that the five guys responsible for executing the makeover would be able to pick from hundreds, if not thousands, of audition tapes. They could select the people they felt had the most potential for change, and go from there, right?

Well, not exactly. In order to have a really authentic experience, Tan spilled to Variety that the fab five has absolutely zero say in who will be on the show. That’s all up to the casting crew — and we have to admit, they do an amazing job! There have been so many different types of contestants with vastly different stories.


Jonathan Has A Fascinating Podcast Called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness Podcast

Okay, if you’re a huge Queer Eye fan and you’re not listening to Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, you need to remedy that ASAP. All the energy that you see coming from JVN on the show appears on the podcast — and you get a ton of fascinating guests.

JVN could have easily launched a podcast where he talked about an area he was already an expert in, like grooming or beauty. Instead, though, he stepped outside his comfort zone. He set up a format where each episode features a new, fascinating guest who teaches Jonathan all about a certain topic — and there have been some intense ones.


Bobby Berk Has A Home Design Brand

Bobby Berk Gorgeous Apartment
Nicole Gerulat

Bobby Berk is the master of the quick home transformation. Within a week, he can totally transform a home or apartment into a slice of paradise. It’s a skill that he’s honed in his many years in the design world.

He’s obviously an interior designer who offers his design services to clients. However, did you know that he actually also owns his own home design brand, Bobby Berk Home? The brand has a few standalone stores and also is sold in several retailers across the country. So, if you ever want to feel like Bobby has come into your own space, just buy a few of the items in his line — they come with his seal of approval!


The Third Season Will Use Kansas City, Missouri As Home Base Instead of Atlanta

Queer Eye Cast Celebrating
Carin Baer/Netflix

In the first two seasons of the show, the fab five were based in Atlanta, Georgia. They traveled around the southern state doing their makeovers, but that’s where their home base was. For season three, they’re hitting the road once again — but they’re not heading for a major city on the coast.

Instead, they’re heading to the midwest and will be setting up their home base in Kansas City, Missouri. We’re not sure what prompted the move, but it’s always fun to get a change of scenery. And, we love that they’re focusing on areas outside the typical metropolitan spots. They’ve definitely got a winning formula!


The Third Season Will Have Both Men And Women As The Heroes

Queer Eye Season 3 Press Conference
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the original Queer Eye series, all the individuals getting makeovers were men. That was the whole premise of the show — straight men getting the help of the fab five. For the reboot, they bent the rules a little bit and had one female contestant on the show, Mama Tammye. However, for season three, it’s getting even more unique.

It seems that the casting crew isn’t so concerned at the gender of the individuals appearing on the show. They just want people with good stories who really could use the help of the fab five. So, there’ll be about an equal amount of men and women receiving the help of the Queer Eye crew. We can hardly wait!

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