15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie Turner a.k.a. Sansa Stark

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To say that Game of Thrones has been a huge hit would be an understatement. Ever since the show based on George R. R. Martin’s book series debuted on HBO, it’s been an international sensation. Fans have tuned in without fail, week after week, to see what’s going on in the fictional world. And, many fans have eagerly anticipated every new season. The final season has received even more buzz because, well, it’s the last one ever!

Everyone has certain characters on the show that they love. Some are all about Daenerys Targaryen, a woman who became powerful and fearless and knows her own strength. Then, there are those who love the mischievous Tyrion Lannister. Some have truly enjoyed watching Arya Stark’s evolution from the tomboy of the Stark family to a powerful force of her own. Then, of course, there’s Sansa Stark.

Sophie Turner truly brought the character to life and gave nuance to a character that could seem a little bit one-dimensional. Sansa definitely wouldn’t be the easiest character to play at times, especially in the beginning — she was a bit shallow, to be frank. However, it’s been a pleasure to watch her character grow and evolve, and it couldn’t have happened without Sophie Turner’s acting skills.

We have to admit, we’re going to miss seeing Turner playing Sansa with her vibrant red hair. We’re also excited, though, to see what type of roles she takes on next and where her career takes her. It’s rare to have such a huge hit under your belt when you’re such a young actress, so the sky is truly the limit for her!

In honor of Game of Thrones’ final season, here are 15 things you may not have known about Sophie Turner a.k.a. Sansa Stark


Her Role As Sansa Stark Was Her Acting Debut


Game of Thrones was incredibly smart when it came to casting. Instead of trying to ensure public interest at the beginning by casting A-List superstars, they picked the talent they felt would best portray the characters. And, they merely trusted that the storylines and characters would be enough to keep fans tuning in, even if the actors and actresses were relative unknowns.

Their strategy paid off — the show was flawlessly cast. It’s particularly tough to cast young characters who grow up over the course of the show, like Sansa and Arya. You might assume that Turner had plenty of roles under her belt before being trusted with such a major one, but that’s not the case. In fact, the character of Sansa Stark was actually her first major acting role, ever!


She Started Taking Acting Classes At Just 3 Years Old


Sansa Stark may have been Sophie Turner’s first major acting role, but that doesn’t mean it was her introduction to the world of acting. Obviously, there are some things you really only learn on set. However, she has been studying her craft for almost as long as she’s been alive.

You see, Turner always knew she wanted to be an actress when she was older. So, she ended up taking drama classes when she was just 3 years old. She was involved in various theatre and drama initiatives growing up. Though she may have doubted herself a few times, she always kind of knew what career path she wanted to take — and her dedication obviously paid off!


She Has In Instagram Account Dedicated To Reviewing Sausages


One of the things we love most about Sophie Turner is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Sure, she’s had a role for the past few years on a hugely successful television show. Yes, she’s an internationally recognized superstar. However, she doesn’t consider herself above silly little ventures — like a sausage reviewing account.

You heard us correctly. It turns out, in addition to her own personal account, Turner has an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to reviewing sausages. It’s not super active, but she is, as the bio on the account reads, “passionate bout the saus.” Perhaps a sausage blog or cookbook is in her future?


She Has A Tattoo That Pays Tribute To Her Siblings


Sophie Turner is one of many celebs in Hollywood who have gotten a few pieces of ink over the years. Her tattoos are all quite subtle, and you may not even spot them at first. However, they all are packed with meaning — including the triangular one on her left arm.

The tattoo on her left arm, as she explained to Rolling Stone, is inspired by “Plato’s theory that the soul is comprised of three parts — reason, spirit and appetite.” It gets cuter, though — it’s also a reference to her family.

As she admitted to Refinery29 about the tattoo, “reason is my eldest brother, James, spirit is my other brother, Will, and I’m appetite. It means a lot to us.”


She’s Actually A Natural Blonde


Given that she’s played the role of the redheaded Sansa Stark for as long as she’s been in the public eye, it’s natural to assume that Sophie Turner is a redhead. After all, surely she wouldn’t go through the upkeep of dyeing her hair at such a young age, right? Well, it turns out she’ll do just about anything for a role — including color maintenance.

Fans primarily know her as a redhead, but in real life, Sophie Turner is actually a natural blonde. However, we’re not sure which color she’ll return to in the long run. As she confessed to Marie Claire “[Blonde is] my natural hair color. With red hair, I feel like a classier and more empowered woman. But when I’m blonde I feel normal and tomboyish, which is more my personality.”


She Owns A Dire Wolf


This happened much, much earlier in the series, but many fans will still remember the moment when Sansa’s dire wolf Lady had to be sacrificed. In real life, though, fans probably assumed that the dog who played Lady just returned to her regular family. Turns out, that isn’t the case — Lady ended up going home with Sophie!

Or, to be more accurate, Sophie Turner’s family adopted the dog who played Lady, whose real-life name is Sunni. Talk about a sweet gesture! We imagine it must be a fun reminder for the whole family of their daughter’s success — plus that pup is just so cute!


She Grew Up In Rural England


Celebrities take all sorts of approaches to where they live. The vast majority decide to set up their home base in New York City or California, to be close to the industry. Others avoid Hollywood altogether and live somewhere far away until they get cast for a particular role. Turner is one of many celebrities who made her home in New York City — although it’s a world away from how she grew up.

Turner grew up in Britain, but she wasn’t raised in bustling London or even a smaller metropolis. She grew up in a small village in Warwickshire called Chesterton — popular 123 or so. Turner spilled about her rural upbringing to The Telegraph, saying “my childhood was pretty fun. We had pigsties, barns, and a paddock, ad used to muck around in the mud.”


She’s Got Some Serious Rap Skills

Funny Or Die

It’s always fun to discover strange tidbits about certain celebrities, and Turner thrilled fans with the fact that she’s actually a pretty good rapper. She’s rapped little bits of certain songs on various talk show appearances, including Eminem hits. Who would have ever guessed she was such a huge fan of rap music?

We’re not quite sure she has the talent to make a career of it, but who knows — stranger things have certainly happened. Perhaps she can ask Ed Sheeran, who appeared on an episode of the show, for a little advice navigating the music industry. We’d absolutely love to see her take on some kind of role on screen as a rapper — how fun would that be?


She’s Besties In Real Life With Co-Star Maisie Williams

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Sometimes, co-stars end up spending a lot of time for years together on set, and then never seeing one another once the project wraps. That’s definitely not going to happen with Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams.

The two formed a pretty strong bond when the show started, partly due to the fact that they were both young in comparison to the rest of the cast. They spent hours together on set and then spent hours together hanging out in their free time. They’ve formed a rock-solid friendship, and we have a feeling these two will be besties for years to come. In fact, Maisie is even going to be in Sophie’s bridal party at her wedding!


She Had A Decent Social Media Following Before Becoming A Celebrity


The entertainment industry is certainly a tough business, and it’s getting even more complicated as the years go by. For example, there was a time when actresses simply had to show up to set, do their jobs, and then go home. Nowadays, they’re required to promote their projects on international tours and engage with fans on social media. Though some celebrities have maintained a strict no personal social media policy, Sophie Turner isn’t one of them — and that strategy has paid off.

Turner told Porter magazine about a situation where a role got down to her and one other actress. They both would have been a good fit, so the casting team took to social media to see who had the bigger following. Turner had more fans online, so they ended up giving the role to her.


She Adores American Fast Food

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

We have to admit, we sort of assume that actresses are constantly eating steamed vegetables and salads and lean proteins. After all, it’s not easy to stay in such incredible shape at all times! Turner has a bit of a different approach, though, and has a definite weakness for fast food.

She chatted about her eating habits with InStyle, saying that “I spent a month working in Atlanta, and they have Chick-fil-A restaurants on every corner. It’s so good! I crave it. I also love Wendy’s Frosty milkshakes. And then there’s In-N-Out Burger in L.A. I mean, the best.” We never would have guessed she was such a fast food lover!


She Is Terrified Of Drains

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Many phobias don’t always make sense. Sometimes, we know logically that something is safe or isn’t really a threat, and yet we’re still terrified of it. That’s definitely the case with Sophie Turner and an ordinary fixture — drains.

No, we’re not talking about the drains in a house — that would certainly be an inconvenient phobia! We’re talking specifically about the large drains that are outside. As she admitted to InStyle, “I have a phobia of walking over drains — it freaks me out. I don’t know what it is, but I get so nervous whenever I see one.” In fact, she even has a little ritual she does, saying the word “onions” whenever she has to walk over one. Bizarre!


She Doesn’t Need Many Bathroom Breaks On Set

ET Online

It’s no secret that actors often have long, long days on set. Filming can take 14 or 16 hours, or even more in some cases. And, while there’s certainly time for breaks, sometimes you get wrapped up in a scene and can’t really leave for a bathroom break. That’s not an issue for Sophie Turner, though.

The star confessed to Teen Vogue that “I have a really strong bladder and only pee twice a day. When I was little, I used to hold it in until I wet myself! I think I stretched my bladder so much that now I’m able to hold it for hours. I don’t even think about it during the day, and then I eventually realize I should probably go.” Well, that little quirk probably comes in handy on set!


She’s A Total Jack Nicholson Fan Girl


Sometimes we assume that celebrities are totally immune to other celebrities. After all, they’re rubbing elbows with one another on the red carpet, surely they lose their star status, right? Well, not exactly. Many celebrities admit that there are certain fellow celebs who they still totally fangirl over — for Sophie Turner, it’s Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson has been in the industry for much longer than Turner has even been alive. There’s just something about the actor’s skill on screen that impresses her, and she’s admitted that she’s a total fangirl. Her favorite movie from his body of work is the complex and touching One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Who knows, maybe one day she’ll get the opportunity to work with him on a project!


She’s Struggled With ADHD Since Childhood

Spins Southwest

One of the things we love most about Sophie Turner is that she’s not afraid to keep it real. She’s been completely open and honest about the fact that she’s struggled with mental health issues over the years. Recently, she admitted to the battle with depression she faced once she entered Hollywood. However, she struggled long before then with ADHD.

Her battle with ADHD has been an issue with childhood, and she’s been on medication for it ever since then. We really admire when celebrities have the courage to speak up and share their stories with the world. It’s definitely encouraging to hear that they don’t just have perfect lives — they too face struggles in their personal lives.

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