Can You Guess The Height and Weight Difference Between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton?

kate middleton meghan markle height comparison

The world and the internet have become obsessed with 37-year-old Meghan Markle, and with good reason. Unlike her sister-in-law before her, Meghan was an American commoner, and she stole the heart of British monarch Prince Harry.  Along the way, she stole our hearts as well. She dismisses traditional royal views and conventional fashion, cementing her role as the heir to her late mother-in-law, the People’s Princess.

Conversely, her sister-in-law, 36-year-old Kate Middleton, had an upper-class British upbringing with ties to the aristocracy and brings many of those values and traditions to her role as the future queen. She is elegant, posh, and polished. Basically, she is everything the monarchy can hope for in a picturesque princess. The mother of three is quite a classy lady.

Kate Middleton In an Elegant Dress
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Another difference between Kate and Meghan that is often discussed is their height. However, it can be difficult to ascertain what that difference actually is. Since Meghan has been tossed into the spotlight, her wardrobe, style, and habits have been scrutinized and applauded, often in equal measure. However, it has been hard for royal pundits to discern her actual height because of her choice in footwear. Why is it important? Well, how tall is Kate Middleton? The royal brothers are quite tall themselves, and Kate Middleton’s height is a statuesque 5’9”, which is enviable by even towering supermodel standards!

Meghan Markle’s Height is a very popular Google search query

It may sound crazy, but “Meghan Markle height” has become one of the most researched facts on the internet since her May wedding to the younger prince. She is certainly not short at what has been estimated at about 5’6” or 5’7”, but in comparison to her new family members, she does appear tiny. While the heels that she wears with pretty much every outfit do help the situation, the fact that Kate, who towers over her, also appreciates a good stiletto, doesn’t really do her any favors. That said, in this picture, where Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge are seen sporting similarly sized heels, you can clearly see that they have a height difference of approximately two inches. Kate’s height has been officially recorded as 5’9” in many fashion rags, such as

Kate and Meghan wearing similar heels

Even so, the estimate of the Duchess of Sussex’s height seems to be approximate. So, how tall is Meghan Markle? Though outlets such as and report the 5’7” figure, Markle’s own CV from her tenure as a struggling Hollywood starlet suggests otherwise. It states that the up-and-comer stood a healthy 5’6”, which is still an impressive stature. However, it pales in comparison to her future sister-in-law, and her future husband, Prince Harry’s height. He stands a staggering 6’1. What about Prince William’s height? Her brother-in-law takes the cake at an amazing 6’3”!

The Royal’s height difference is quite complimentary

It is kind of strange, and maybe it was meant to be, but Meghan and Harry have an approximate height difference of six inches, as do William and Kate. The sisters-in-law are spaced about two inches apart as are the brothers! How cute is that? It also makes for very attractive photos since the couples are complimentary.

meghan markle and the royals at westminster abbey

In matters where the height discrepancies between the spouses appear a bit too jarring in photos, professional photographers like Glen Gratton of Glamour magazine know how to minimize the difference. Placing both princesses in sky-high footwear can help, but wardrobe choices are also important. Stylists for both women have stated on record that they dress their clients in pieces that create the illusion that they are actually taller than they really are. For example, the shapes of some dresses and skirts work well to trick the brain optically so the women seem to gain height.

Who weighs more between Meghan and Kate?

Another difference between Meghan and Kate that has been dissected by the media is their weight discrepancy. That same CV lists Meghan’s weight as a petite 113 pounds. She is slender and fit. On the other hand, Kate, who does not really disclose her weight to the media, has been estimated to be a healthier 121 pounds, which is still very trim and fit, but a tad curvier and fuller.


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's Weight Comparison
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Kate’s weight loss secret isn’t much of a secret at all

It is actually amazing how Kate has maintained her shape after a staggering three pregnancies in just over five years. Kate has been lauded and praised for her amazing ability to return to her pre-baby weight in record time. Many women around the world wanted to know her secrets, but really the trick to Kate’s weight loss was quite simple. On a 2016 trip to New Delhi, India for the Queen’s 90th birthday party, fellow guest and friend Professor Bulbul Dhar-James asked the then two-time mother what her weight loss secret was. She replied simply, “I am [always] running after my kids!”

Kate Middleton and Prince William Pose With Their 3 Kids for Casual Family Holiday Card

The monarch did not participate in any juice cleanses, rigorous fitness routines, or fad diets. Simply running after her then toddler and attending to her new baby resulted in her amazing weight loss. Louise Parker, a British fitness guru that is reported to have worked with Kate following Prince George’s birth in 2013, says that dedication to a specific lifestyle is the key to rapid, yet permanent, weight loss. While exercise is key, long, high-impact workouts are not necessary. Consistency is the most important element when you want long-term results.

In conclusion, each woman may have their own shape and size, but both are certainly gorgeous!

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