Celebrities That Hail From Royalty

Johnny Depp/ Creative Commons

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle catapulting the British royal family to Hollywood A-list status, there’s nothing hotter than being related to nobility. Gone are the times when actors were admired for their humble working-class origins, and aristocrats were portrayed as uncool and arrogant snobs. It’s now perfectly fine to own it as a blue-blooded royal, because hey, who wouldn’t like Harry and Meghan’s life?

So many of Hollywood’s royalty, we have discovered, have come out of the closet.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina© Page Six

For years we have heard that Brad Pitt made his acting debut dressed up as chicken for El Pollo Loco. The story, which by the way is entirely true, made Brad look like the ultimate working-class boy making it big in Hollywood. But the truth is that Mr. Pitt is a descendant of Henry the II, and therefore also related to Queen Elizabeth II. According to fame10.com, the dad of six is Queen Elizabeth’s 25th cousin, twice removed.

During the years they spent together, Brad and Angelina were widely regarded as the creme de la creme of Hollywood couples. And therefore it’s such an incredible coincidence to find out that both of them hail from European royalty. Through her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina is found to be related to the French King Philip II. The Maleficent actress, however, doesn’t rest on her laurels. Because of her humanitarian work, Angelina has received an honorary damehood from the Queen. (In other words, from her ex’s very distant cousin. Awkward huh?) Which basically means that Angie is back on the royalty train in full swing.

Johnny Depp

According to our earliest interview memories of Johnny Depp (decades ago it seems), he has Native American ancestry, all thanks to a Cherokee great-grandmother. Depp has obviously spent his life feeling very proud of his Native American blood. However, it turns out that his family tree has other perks. New evidence that came from DNA and ancestry testing shows that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is a descendant of Edward the III. Through this connection, explains Vogue, Depp is Queen Elizabeth’s 20th cousin. Jack Sparrow’s blood is even bluer than Brad Pitt’s. Who would have known!

Celine Dion and Madonna

Celine Dion/Facebook

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, was chuffed to discover that she is related to two of the ultimate Queens of pop music, Celine Dion and Madonna. Being all descendants of a prominent French-Canadian family, Celine, Camilla and Madonna are 10th cousins. No wonder Madonna was dubbed “Her Madgesty” after her British ex shortened her name to Madge. Tracing their exact family lineage would be such a pleasant topic to discuss over tea and scones in Clarence House, the London residence of Charles and Camilla.

Sleuthing around we discovered that Madonna’s film director ex, Guy Ritchie also hails from high society. Ritchie may be known for his mockney tough man image, but in reality, he is a descendant of Edward I, and he is also a sixth cousin to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. What a small world!


Beyonce/Creative Commons

We bet that fans of Queen B would be gutted if the pop idol had zero real royal connections. But luckily Beyoncé is also Queen Elizabeth’s cuz (in a way). Just like other celebrities on this list, the music icon is Queen Elizabeth’s 25th cousin, once removed through Henry II. As Beyonce explained in an interview, her great great great grandmother was a slave who married a wealthy white merchant and slave owner.

Hilary Duff

The crown for “America’s more royal celebrity” belongs to former Disney child star Hilary Duff. The singer and actress is the Queen’s 18th cousin, through King Edward III of England. What’s more, Hilary is also believed to be related to Catherine Car, the illegitimate daughter of King Henry III. Touted as the most royal person in North America, the actress was a natural match to play the princess is the romantic film A Cinderella Story. Nowadays she cares more about her music and her two kids, while also becoming a celebrity farmer after adopting a baby alpaca. How very charming.

Meghan Markle

We are not trying to be cheeky here. Meghan Markle is royalty, and that’s not because she bagged a young and hot Prince (at least not just because of that). Right after Harry and Meghan’s engagement was announced in 2017, it was revealed that the enamored couple is very distant relatives. In fact, they are technically 17th cousins, both being descendants of King Edward III. The royal connection comes from Meghan’s estranged dad Thomas Markle. Did Harry already know about Meghan’s royal blood when he popped the question? We’ll never know.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton/Facebook

Paris Hilton has spent all her life living it up like a real princess, and now we know why. It turns out that the Hilton heiress has royal blood and she is just acting upon what comes naturally to her. Paris is a descendant of King Henry II on her father’s side, and this makes her the Queen’s 20th cousin. It’s really not surprising, considering the confidence and natural charm that Paris exudes in front of the cameras.

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