Did Madonna REALLY Just Get Butt Implants?

Madonna Performing Stonewall Inn Matthew Rettenmund / SplashNews.com

In addition to constantly growing and evolving as a musical artist, Madonna has reinvented her persona and made many physical transformations over the years, via vigorous exercise and more surgical methods. In 1983 the singer released her self-titled debut album and brought downtown N.Y.C. club style to the masses. Since then she’s gone through many fashion phases, from Marilyn Monroe to cowgirl to a Tom Ford-clad 70s babe. The pop icon has had a lifelong obsession with fitness and image. Long before her ‘80s debut, Madonna was a high school cheerleader and a dance major at the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. According to some reports, there were signs of an eating disorder in those days.

Her upper body took on a whole new fitness level during the Ray of Light era, two years after she became pregnant with her daughter Lourdes Leon. This was when she entered her Ashtanga Yoga phase. Two super-buff arms appeared at the Grammy Awards in 1999, where Madonna lifted one of her four music awards as if it were a dumbbell.

As time went on and the star reached her late 30s, rumors of obsessions with facial treatments started and her appearance revealed showed small but noticeable changes. Sources claimed the pop star received regular house calls from doctors. What did she have done? Botox, peels, laser treatments. Some have even speculated about cheek implants.

According to one source, “Madonna is so obsessed with staying and looking young she surrounds herself only with younger men and a fridge stocked with chemicals from fillers and Botox – even new Botox replacements not yet passed by the FDA. “ In 2016, Madonna was showing off a strangely plump face, with one shocked eyewitness declaring, “Her face is unreal and she’s gone overboard with facial fillers and Botox”. Observers like to call an overly, artificially inflated mug, “Pillow Face”.

Pillow face

For a refresher, here’s Madonna in the year 2000, pre pillow face.

But the star was still showing her age (and low body fat) in her vein riddled, disturbing digits. After years of mean online criticisms of her heavily veined hands, the singer took to wearing gloves for years. The FDA most recently approved a new filler gel for the back of people’s hands in May 2018 – by early July Madonna’s hands suddenly had a more youthful appearance. “Everyone thinks she was one of the first to use “Restylane Lyft” said an insider. “Nobody can prove it, but there are an awful lot of patients coming in with photos of Madonna and asking for what she’s had done!” New York City based plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar, who has not treated the aging songstress, suggests she’s had fillers injected. Fillers are usually used on the face, but have recently gained ground as a common method for smoothing out hands.

Her Smoother Hands
Radar Online

There’s another place women have been installing fillers: boobs, ever increasing in the last half century and butts, that’s the Kardashian influence!

On New Year’s Eve the chameleon, 60, made a surprise appearance at The Stonewall Inn, New York City, to help ring in the new year. Screenshots from YouTube clips of the performance quickly went viral. While there, Madonna took to the stage to perform a number of songs, including her hit “Like a Prayer.” Madonna was joined on the stage for the performance by her 13-year-old son, David, who accompanied her on the guitar, “butt” it was her changed appearance that got everyone talking.

Madonna's fake ass
Drock thegreat, YouTube

That’s a screenshot from a YouTube clip, folks! It’s not Photoshop. And it doesn’t look remotely real. Madonna tried to make her new butt’s debut about family and music…

Me and my favorite Freedom Fighter
madonna, Instagram

“Me and my favorite Freedom Fighter At Stonewall Inn!” Madonna wrote to her Instagram followers alongside a photo with David. An unforgettable New Years Eve!! #stonewall #pride#banda. #2019 @prideliveofficial

So much for the love and understanding, she talked about in her Instagram video. The internets were immediately ablaze. Many questioned Madonna’s judgment and questioned whether she had either ruined or enhanced her bum as they critiqued the pictures emerging from the night. “Lord, what in the world did Madonna do to her behind?????????????” tweeted Shay Moore. “If someone wants surgery, they can do it, their body their choice. But MANNNNN, beauty standards today somehow made Madonna get a botched butt surgery….yikes.” tweeted Zoey.

Madonna knows you guys have been chatting about her backside. She hit back on Instagram, her favorite social media platform. Uploading a selfie from New Year’s Eve, she wrote in the caption: “Desperately seeking no ones approval. And entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else! And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019 ???! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!! ???! #2019 #freedom #respect #nofear #nodiscrimination”

Comments Are Disabled!
madonna, Instagram

She seemed to address all the chatter, but she ALSO  disabled comments on the post.  But of course, people continued to comment, just not directly on her defiant, blonde post. Is this, really, what it’s all about for the aging star?

LabRat78 commented on Buzzfeed: “1) Madonna has the right to put weird lumpy junk in her trunk. We have the right to shade it. 2) For all her blather about empowering women, this isn’t a good look, exchanging a perfectly impressive athletic body she worked her ass off for in favor of a trendy, unsafe, cave to an unhealthy pop culture induced surgical trend. Just kinda makes it seem like she’s reading off a script and doesn’t really care about setting a good example for women. She acted like IDGAF YOU GO GIRLS DO YOU!!! for years, then this!? It’s hurting her brand. Gotta laugh. Her poor butt, RIP.”

But on Madonna’s very next post, she opens up comments again. She gets her share of love in the comments: dddenca says “Great capture and moments OMG I can’t stop watching it I love it so so much and your look is gorgeous But a greater number seemed to return to the unsolved mystery at hand: the_cute_glasses_girl quips “Go ahead girl do your booty we just saying you have enough money to do it properly”.

As per the padded bra, there IS a way to enhance the size of your buttocks temporarily, without surgery. The means is what’s known as a buttress pillow, which is essentially padded shorts that make you look like your butt is bigger and rounder than it actually is. It could simply be that Madonna wanted to throw on a pair of these before her performance to give her a little extra, uh, cushion. Whatever the case, Madonna is right: What she does with her body is her business and her business alone.

The verdict on what she chose, this time, will remain unclear until her next public appearance. She’s certainly not highlighting this particular ass-et on her Instagram! One thing I think we can all count on is that Madonna will continue tweaking and exploring all the illusion of youth enhancements her fortune can but. On the one hand, you can’t really blame her. But on the other, didn’t she used to be a leader rather than a follower? And what happened to her appreciating of athleticism over useless padding? On January 4th she posted:

what doesn't kill me
madonna, Instagram

And trickyricky2018 asks her “madonna how do you keep your cool reading on the venom spitted at you from fucking low life trolls ? i sure hope it doesnt hurt you …i love you so much and i will always try and defend you….” For what it’s worth, if criticism really bothered her one would doubt she’d keep trying to stay in the spotlight and talked about, at age 60. Madonna has made it pretty clear ever since she became famous in the ’80s that she DGAF what people think of her—and apparently that’s still true in 2019.

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