Female Celebrities Who Are Against Cosmetic Surgery

Being a celebrity and anti-surgery is like being a Catholic nun lobbying to legalize pot. It’s something incredibly rare and awe-inspiring. But you’ll be pleased to hear that there are female celebs that have said no to plastic surgery and Botox. And in case you’re wondering, they still look fab and get a ton of work in the film industry.

So who are these fearless individuals who have defied Paul Nassif and Robert Rey?

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Rachel Weisz

Natural beauty Rachel Weisz is so set against Botox and dermal fillers, that she has previously suggested that actors should not be allowed to have them. She famously likened Botox to steroids saying that it “should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen.”
The 48-year-old actor who last year became a mom for a second time, could pass for 10 years younger. Rachel is Daniel Craig’s wife, and when the lovebirds are papped out together it’s like seeing James Bond with a thirty-something babe. Apart from a hot husband, Rachel has also bagged an Oscar and was recently nominated again for her role in The Favourite.

Julianne Moore

For anyone looking for tips on how to stay hot in their 50s, Julianne Moore Is the perfect beauty inspo. The talented actor, who looked gorgeous in The Big Lebowski more than two decades ago, looks even better now. At age 58, Julianne is reluctant to have any face-altering cosmetic surgery. By refusing to jump on the Botox bandwagon, Moore has dispelled the myth that surgery is a must if you wish to remain employable in Hollywood.
Oh, and just like Weisz she has also won an Oscar. It kinda makes you think that there’s some secret link between talent and the desire to grow old gracefully.

Salma Hayek

Perhaps not everything on Salma Hayek is 100 percent real, but her gorgeous wrinkle-free skin is everyone’s natural skin goals. The Mexican-born actress is such a natural beauty zealot, that she refuses to even have dermabrasion or a humble peel. Divulging her beauty secrets, Salma says that she never cleanses her face in the morning to allow her skin to benefit from the natural oils it has produced during the night. The 52-year-old screen goddess takes the cake for body positivity, posting proud pictures on Instagram of her grey hair and natural frizzy curls.
“I don’t want to spend what’s left of my youth pretending I’m younger and then not enjoying life.” Salma has said. Enjoying life is maybe the reason why Salma looks fifteen years younger than her actual age. Plus, she is married to a French billionaire who supports her au naturel attitude.

Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry works incredibly hard to look great, but that doesn’t include cosmetic surgery. Except for the ubiquitous nose job, Halle has done nothing else to her stunning face. The former Bond girl once likened Botox to crack cocaine and revealed that she is under extreme pressure from “drug pushers” to have work done. But the 52-year-old so far has resisted. The Oscar winner owes her ridiculously radiant skin to expensive face masks, a carb and sugar-free diet, as well as regular cardio exercise. “I do believe that exercise is so related to healthy skin and how you not only feel but how you look. Cardio. Cardio Cardio. Getting the blood running through your body is so good for your complexion” the skin goddess has divulged.

Naomi Watts

Just like Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts is a hard-working actor who values the existence of muscles on her face. Instead of freezing them, she feels fortunate that she can use them as an artist. “Of course, I want to look the best I can, but I am playing characters that should match my age and the women and the material that I am interested in are usually going through something. I have to be able to live in my face and tell the story of the character I’ve taken on. But…I’ll never say never.” Naomi said in 2016.
The Australian beauty swears by facial creams that contain Retinol to prevent wrinkles but is unsure if she should have cosmetic surgery in the future to enhance the results. She remains eternally indecisive on the subject. And in any case, she gets too much acting work to give it more thought. All we can say is, Naomi you look great and you definitely don’t need Botox in your life.

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Jennifer Aniston

Cool girl Jen isn’t afraid to admit that she has tried Botox in the past but decided that it wasn’t for her. She clearly also had a couple of nose jobs at the dawn of her career.  But that’s all water under the bridge now for Rachel Green. Jen still gets a place on this list for having a genuine change of heart about surgery. A few years after admitting that she is addicted to cosmetic surgery, the 49-year-old now speaks against Botox and cosmetic fillers. She is however branded the queen of tweakments, and she is proof that there’s a visible shift from surgery to non-invasive cosmetic procedures.  Could it also be because she’s best pals with Friends co-star Courtney Cox, who developed a catface after going overboard with Botox and fillers? Thankfully, Courtney has long now removed all fillers and has embraced her natural beauty, just like BFF Jennifer.

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