About Us
That’ What’s UP is a multi-pronged business with distinct segments in digital advertising and publishing.

Using Technology For Social Good

We leverage our platform and products to strengthen the social sector’s efforts in community building and skills-based volunteering.

Our Social Responsibility

That’s What’s UP is committed to creating a positive impact on the communities and environment we live in through various social good initiatives. That’s What’s UP Gives Back is our foundation created with an emphasis on driving social impact, social good causes and initiatives. We'll highlight these initiatives monthly on our sites.

We are committed to social responsibility as the pillars and foundation of the company’s current and future objectives and will remain a key focus throughout the company’s lifecycle.


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Non-profit accounts are designed for official non-profit organizations that are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial. Qualifying non-profits are eligible for a Team account with discounts and other content services.