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That’ What’s UP is a multi-pronged business with distinct segments in digital advertising and publishing.

Advertising & Marketing

That’s What’s UP is a cutting-edge digital signage, marketing, and advertising brand in the United States. We use creative, cost-effective methods to help businesses build their brand and interact with customers.

Bringing digital signage software, hardware, and services that can transform any screen into a powerful engagement tool, we provide content management, device management, and deployment of digital signage ads. We create innovative marketing campaigns targeting and engaging audiences to build brand awareness. Our services also include ad campaign creation and other marketing services.

That’s What’s UP is supported by an experienced and diverse team. That’s What’s UP excels through its competitive pricing and sales models, strategic branding and digital and social media-based marketing methods, world-class value creation, and customer service.


Digital Publication

That’s What’s UP is driven by a passion for style, culture, and technology. The brand seeks to be a leading publication, bringing in-depth news, reviews, technology, and sneaker releases.

That’s What’s UP will entertain, inform, and inspire with transparency, accuracy, humor, and honesty. The brand will actively highlight, engage, and give back to various non-profits along our journey... That’s What’s UP!

Audience: Key 18-49 age range demographic

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