Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Her Exes, Kim Kardashian, and ‘Worst Career Mistake’

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Her recently debuted MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club has celebs like Miley Cyrus rooting for her, dubbing it “the best show ever”. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lindsay Lohan is in the best place she has been in years.

And in case you’re wondering how Lindsay makes ends meet these days, this show is just a side gig. Lohan already owns three nightclubs in Athens, Mykonos, and Rhodes, while she reportedly has also dabbled in the fashion industry by launching a modest clothing line for women in the Middle East.

It just proves that breathing the fresh Mykonos air, where her new show is filming, has done wonders for the Mean Girls actress. She now holds no grudges. Like literally zero. The Dubai resident talked friends, exes, and the train wreck of her career after drunken driving in 2007. And it looks like she is somehow ready to go back to showbiz if people only gave her another chance.

Here are some excerpts from all the things that Lindsay recently revealed in her deep, raspy voice:

There’s no beef with Kim Kardashian

During a recent interview with Andy Cohen, Lindsay was asked about why she was so mean to Kim Kardashian last January.

If you don’t recall the incident, Lindsay threw some serious shade to Kim, when the mom-of-three posted a racy Instagram photo with a ‘Bo Derek’ braid hairstyle. While the majority of people on the internet were too busy posting scathing comments about cultural appropriation, Lindsay kept it short. “I am confused,” she wrote, hurting the feelings of Mrs West, who quickly snapped back. “You know what’s confusing… Your sudden foreign accent”, Kim replied, referring to the hilarious foreign accents that Lindsay adopts from time to time while living abroad.

But Lindsay now says that there’s no rift with Kim and that the braid incident was completely innocuous. “I was just confused about the braids because she had a baby,” the 32-year-old actress said with baby doll eyes.

The whole thing was obviously a huge misunderstanding.

“I love Kim,” she said. “We are friends. I am friends with all the family.” But above all, she loves the family’s momager, Kris Jenner. “I love Kris Jenner so anything she does is great for me!”

She clearly doesn’t want any rivalry with the Kardashian family, especially now that they are literally in the same reality show business.

She filmed her reality show on the same beach where she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend

Three years ago Lindsay had a heated argument on that same Mykonos beach with her then-fiancé, Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov. Since then, she swore to “own that beach someday”, because she wants everyone to feel safe. But there were also personal reasons. She wanted to remember that beach as a fun place and not as the place where she was assaulted.
Despite this traumatic experience, single-gal Lindsay says that a businessman is still her preferred choice of boyfriend. But it has to be someone who doesn’t have Instagram or any social media, and who is completely “off the grid”. Good luck with that Lindsay.

Her relationship with Samatha Ronson was “friends more than anything” and ex Wilmer Valderrama is a “good guy”

During her bisexual days, Lindsay had a relationship with British DJ, Samantha Ronson. This relationship was more like ‘best friends’ than anything else, the actress now reveals. Lindsay uses this experience as an example to teach her crew at her Mykonos beach club reality show how not to pass judgment.

What’s more, ex Wilmer Valderrama is a “good guy” Lindsay says reflecting on another –heterosexual- relationship. (Wilmer, are you reading this?)

Generally speaking, Lindsay is on good terms with everyone and even has Oprah on speed dial

Almost six years after sitting for an interview with Oprah, Lindsay still seeks Winfrey’s wise words for emotional support to fulfil her promise to stay “present, and clear-headed, and focused”.

Not only does she have regular chats with the TV host, but she sometimes also takes things to an extreme by sending Oprah constant texts. “I think I might harass her”, the Mean Girls actress confessed. To make up for the fact that she is such a pain, she has invited Oprah to visit her Mykonos beach bar. I wonder if Oprah will visit this Summer.

Let’s not forget that Lindsay has always had an interest in religion and spirituality. Even though she no longer aspires to become a Muslim (and presumably no longer studies the Koran), there’s something very karmic in the way she only has good things to say about everyone. Onwards to enlightenment!

Her ‘worst career mistake’ was drinking and driving

Lohan was arrested back in 2007 for drunken driving, shortly after she finished an alcohol rehabilitation program. Since then she has regretted the incident dearly, as she witnessed her acting career going completely off the tracks. The reality star has been in rehab nine times in total. That’s a lot for anyone, even if they are as wild as Lindsay Lohan.

So how do you find Lindsay Lohan’s new path in life? And most of all, did you watch Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and what are your impressions? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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