The Feud Between Chrissy Teigen and Piers Morgan Takes A Nasty Turn

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Piers Morgan is a man of few words, said no one ever. The British journalist and ITV loudmouth just took another swipe at Chrissy Teigen, intensifying the long history of hostility between them. Morgan publicly called Mrs. Legend a foul-mouthed transphobic bully and a woman-hating bigot.

In his ranty Daily Mail column, the 53-year-old called out “virtue signaller” Teigen for endorsing razor firm Gillette, after the latter run their new commercial “We Believe”. The commercial, according to Morgan, patronizes men and portrays them like bullies, and awful human beings. In an effort to cash in on #Metoo outrage, “We Believe” challenges male behavior, from squads of feisty schoolboys to cat-calling and mansplaining.

Let’s not forget that both Chrissy and hubby John Legend identify as feminists. According to the former Sports Illustrated model, Legend is even bigger feminist than she is. So publicly supporting the Gillette campaign totally makes sense, and resonates with Chrissy.

‘I’ve been using a men’s Gillette razor since I was 14” John Legend’s wife tweeted. Gillette was the first major company to hire me when I was kind of known as a risky little b for brands. I still use a Gillette fusion razor and I get so much joy from a fresh blade. In closing, I love you, Gillette.’

But according to Piers, this is just fake virtue-signaling claptrap, because ‘Ms. Perfect’ hasn’t been exactly the best feminist role-model, has she? And, no, he didn’t use as an example for that her sexy Sports Illustrated covers, (even though he probably doesn’t approve it either), but rather the way she has treated other people on social media.

Trying to beat her at her own game, Morgan criticized Chrissy’s mean tweets towards women, transsexuals, and children.

Chrissy mocked Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Avril Lavigne on Twitter

Whoever follows Chrissy Teigen on Twitter knows that she is a funny person with a serious social media addiction. The model-turned-cookbook-writer isn’t afraid to laugh at herself and knows how to self-deprecate.

But some fans don’t find her tweets funny. A number of Chrissy’s scathing tweets that recently resurfaced, took a swipe at several celebs, including a really mean tweet towards MTV reality star Lindsay Lohan. Mocking Lindsay’s suicide attempts, Teigen wrote back in 2011:

“Lindsay adds a few more slits to her wrists when she sees Emma Stone.”

A year before, the Twitter personality threw shade at Lady Gaga, implying that the singer is a dude.

“Aaaaah. I feel like lady gaga. But with lady parts.” That was a bit harsh Chrissy.

In 2010 she also mocked pop diva Mariah Carey for, well, looking pregnant.

“Why is anyone surprised Mariah is having twins? I was always pretty positive there were 2-15 babies growing inside of her” she wondered.

But the slurs didn’t stop there. Taking aim at singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne, Chrissy wrote:

“If u told me I could I have a kid but it would be exactly like Avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die.” That was a tad unkind.

When Demi Lovato checked out of an addiction clinic Teigen tweeted: “Demi Lovato is out of rehab! I hope she made the bed for Charlie.”

It appears that Chrissy also badmouthed transsexuals and children

Piers Morgan also thinks Chrissy Teigen is transphobic because of one tweet that she wrote back in 2009. ‘God. Can we just come out and call the freaking show America’s next top tr***y because this s**t has been t***tastic for the past five years.’

But the prize for the nastiest tweet in the Teigen collection goes to this one when she mocked a child’s name in 2011. That just sucks.

“Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr named their son Meredith. Their son, Meredith. Meredith is their son’s name. The name of their son is Meredith.”

These tweets were obviously written before Chrissy and John Legend tied the knot when the social media star was not entirely famous yet. With her popularity skyrocketing and with millions following her on social media, there was plenty of time for Chrissy to go back and clear the history of nastiness. Yet she didn’t.

That’s probably because she doesn’t see her tweets as mean, but funny. As I said before, Chrissy is someone who shares photos of her vaginal steam on Instagram. She probably thinks that makes it ok to act cheeky on social media.

Just like Piers, the mom-of-two is a social media personality and Twitter chatterbox. Why the two of them are not best friends yet is beyond me. Oh, I forgot. He is a Trump supporter and Trump has blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter.

There’s a long history between the two

The beef dates as early as 2016, when Chrissy and husband John Legend hit out at Morgan for claiming that Muhammad Ali was a racist. As a response, John Legend asked the British journalist on Twitter to retire, and Chrissy quickly chimed in: “From what? Trolling isn’t a job”, and an exchange of several nasty tweets followed.

In 2018 Chrissy jumped to the defense of Ariana Grande and Little Mix when the singer was accused of “using sex to sell records” by Morgan. The TV host even exchanged harsh words with Ariana’s mother on Twitter.

Chrissy waded into the spat, tweeting: “Every time someone mentions Piers, his d*** gets another power boil and his nips cry tears of joy.”

Morgan hit back by calling the model “comically ridiculous”.

Both Piers and Chrissy are comedic gold, but for everyone’s sake, we really hope they take a break from social media.

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