These Are The Hottest Hair Trends For 2019

Cute Hair Styles for 2019 Image: Pexels

With our “beach body” days being light years away, there’s no better time to focus on our hair. And after a really long time of obsessing over messy and ‘undone’ hairdos, you’ll be thrilled to hear that hair fashion finally does a 180-degree turn. Structured and sleek nostalgia styles, but also fierce natural curls are making a glorious comeback. This year’s hair mantra is ‘classic’ and ‘feminine’. A change that has been long overdue, so hooray! Without further ado, these are the major hair predictions for 2019.

Super glossy hair, otherwise known on Instagram as Glass hair

In 2019 we are seeing an all-or-nothing approach to straight hair. “Glass hair” is the celebrity trend that took over Instagram last year, and this year is taking center stage. It is the impossibly sleek, smooth and polished hair, that is reminiscent of the 60s’ geometric hairstyles. Last Summer, we watched literally every celebrity from Kim Kardashian to Hailey Baldwin chop off their long tresses to an ultra-sleek bob. Glass hair isn’t going anywhere, according to Harper’s Bazaar. As long as you’re prepared to ward off humidity by using the right anti-frizz oils and serums, this is one of the hottest hair trends.

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Baby Bangs

Cute baby bangs are forever associated with style icon Audrey Hepburn. For this reason, they have been a somewhat controversial decision and reserved for those with a surplus of confidence. (Because nobody thinks they look as elegant as Audrey Hepburn, right?) But with celebrities like Bella Hadid, Emma Watson, and most recently Rowan Blanchard nailing the trend, many stylists now claim that baby bangs are do-able for all. They are ideal for heart-shaped faces with strong cheekbones, but if you aren’t blessed with that, you can still rock the trend while going for softer styles and textures. But beware, fringes, in general, are “a full-time job”, according to stylist Jen Atkin and Marie Claire, and they require regular TLC. Moreover, make sure to tailor them according to your face shape. (Never chop them off by yourself in front of the bathroom mirror though.)

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Big Hair

The 1960s inspo is the best thing that we’re witnessing in hair fashion this year. Celebrating dos that are almost theatrical, extravagance is the new name of the game. Big hair made a huge comeback at the Versace pre-fall 2019 runway, where we saw big volume and cascading tresses pulled back in super-high ponytails, and decorated with colorful brooches. It is just so refreshing and honestly awesome to have some of the 60s glam back into our lives. Why did it take so long?

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Curtain fringes inspired by Brigitte Bardot

The French girl curtain fringe is back in full swing. Paired with full and luscious lips, and voila! The “Bardot effect”! Curtain fringes aren’t just Alexa Chung’s signature hairdo anymore. This year the popularity of the style has taken off, because, let’s face it, it’s just so much softer and easier than other fringes. What’s more, it suits many different face shapes. A curtain fringe has a certain je ne sais quoi that we desperately need in our lives.

The French bob

Following an era of long hair domination, shorter 90s-inspired hair is back. Last year many celebs we never thought we’d see sporting the style bid adieu to their tresses and amazed us all. Who would have thought that Irina Shayk and the Kardashian sisters could look so sophisticated? Others who nailed it include Emilia Clarke, Jourdan Dunn, Jessica Chastain and, of course, Rihanna. Even though 2018 was officially declared “the year of the bob”, the blunt haircut is expected to be even bigger in 2019. As for long hair, it’s definitely not outdated. However, with hair fashion being all about extremes, there is a preference for Rapunzel-long hair.

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Grey Hair

Elegantly dubbed “winter hair” or “Ice Queen hair” (take your pick), grey hair is to many the new blonde. And with the body positivity movement embracing every aspect of our appearances that we were once trying to cover up, there’s a grey hair movement that requires our attention. Let’s not forget that celebs like Lady Gaga, Pink and Ariana Grande have rocked the silver hair look. So if you have lots of greys that you’re tired of covering, why not go for a fashion-forward “grey hair don’t care” style?


According to refinery29, in 2018 there was a “perm renaissance” that is going strong in 2019. Fierce curls are the new cool girl do, so if you’re blessed with natural waves, it’s time to ditch your hair straightener and celebrate what you’ve got. As long as you use products that are specifically designed to boost and protect your curls from frizz, you’ll rock this style this year too.

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Hatbands and Hair Accessories

According to fashion gurus, “hatbands” are a trend we are going to see everywhere this year. What is a hatband? As Harper’s Bazaar explains it, “a hatband is a headband that is so big, it’s almost technically a hat.” Hair accessories need no introductions. We’ve seen them in 2018, but this year hair accessories such as statement bows, ribbons and pearls are getting even bigger and flashier.

What do you think about 2019’s hair trends? Are you feeling as excited as we are, or you detect a nostalgia overkill? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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