This is How Mom of Three Jessica Alba Looks So Young at 37

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She may have topped the list of actresses in movies with the worst reviews, but Jessica Alba doesn’t let anything disturb her zen. The 37-year-old is a mom-of-three,  a successful mumtrepreneur, and a flawless beauty.

Alongside building her unicorn wellness startup The Honest Company, Jessica is active on social media, frequently sharing Instagram snaps of her gorgeous family with her 16 million fans. And guess what, she still looks as amazing as when she wore The Blue bikini. (Even better, some would argue). The silky-haired beauty with the brown dewy eyes and ridiculously glowing skin has a body, that could make any 22-year-old green with envy. She could easily pass for ten years younger, don’t you think?

No doubt, Jessica’s Mexican genes-alongside the fact that she is so insanely photogenic that it’s impossible to take a bad photo of her- are strong beauty-determining factors. But Jessica has always been a person who took good care of her body and followed a strict beauty regime. The actress-turned-beauty-guru knows her stuff, and we would love to steal some of her beauty tips.

So how does Jessica do it?

She never slacks

Jessica shows remarkable commitment towards her beauty goals. Most of us will occasionally go to bed with our makeup on or skip the gym when we are having a crappy day. But the American beauty chooses to remain focused. Whether it means drinking two liters of water daily or hitting the gym thrice a week, Jessica is a very motivated individual. Her commendable sense of discipline comes from her parents, who showed her “tough love” when she was little. Being a chubby kid with asthma, she struggled to do sports, but mom and dad taught her to stick to her goals.

She wakes up at 5:30 to hit the gym

To maintain her killer body, Jessica sacrifices her morning snooze to have a spinning or hot yoga sculpt workout before going to work. Waking up at 5:30 might be a toughie, but the 37-year-old wants to keep her afternoons free for her three kids. It makes total sense! She, however, admits that she asks her friends to join her at the gym, to keep her motivated. To make this happen, the actress admits she manages only 5-6 hours of sleep per night. That’s less than the suggested 8-hours, but she makes up for it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as enjoying occasional power naps during the day.

She meditates

You might wonder where does the supermom-of-three find the time to squeeze meditation into her tight schedule. But having suffered from anxiety in the past, Jessica understands the importance of staying zen. She is a fan of the Headspace app, which allows her to have short meditation sessions during the day.  The Sin City actress has also tried transcendental meditation to keep her mental health in check.

She exfoliates and moisturizes her skin diligently

Jessica’s skin is one of her strongest assets. To keep it smooth and radiant, the actress has divulged that she exfoliates twice a day. What’s more, she loves to hydrate her skin with organic facial oil. Her commitment to her skin routine dates back to her childhood when she struggled with acne, dryness, and sensitivity.

Stepping out without sunscreen on is a big no-no

The Californian beauty is widely famous as a tanned bikini babe, but in her personal life, she uses daily sunscreen to protect her natural, youthful glow and to prevent wrinkles. Being a Latina, she doesn’t have to worry too much about getting burnt by the sun anyway. Maybe that’s the reason why back in 2015 the Mom-Boss failed to pay close attention to The Honest Company’s sunscreen ingredients, resulting in fat a  lawsuit against her brand.

She is obsessed with a healthy diet

Jessica has disclosed that childhood experiences, such as being “really sick as a kid” made her convert to a healthy living and a clean diet. She is now an ambassador for coconut water and loves to kick-start her busy day with a smoothie made from banana, chilled coconut, matcha green tea and water with ice. Her clean diet is specifically designed to fight inflammation. Despite being a big popcorn lover, she tries hard to keep carb intake in check.

She balances maternity and career without feeling guilty

Jessica’s sweet and supportive husband, Cash Warren, is the unsung hero behind the mumtrepreneur’s successfully juggling motherhood and career. But aside from being blessed with a supportive family, it’s just as important to the 37-year-old A-lister to take it easy on herself. Jessica believes that a working mom should try to do her best instead of trying to be perfect all the time. And she is proof that having a full-time job and raising a happy family is perfectly doable.

But you must sort out your priorities and give your one hundred percent in whatever you do.

“Be present. When you’re at the office, focus on work, and when you’re at home, focus on spending quality time with your family. We’ve all heard this one before, but don’t sweat the small stuff—it’s sound advice.” Jessica has said.

Enjoying your personal life and professional success without worry or guilt is paramount to ward off wrinkles, thank you, Jessica!

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  1. Jessica is more beautiful than most including myself, however even I am not a wrinkly old hag at 35 and won’t be at just 37 either!! I don’t go to the gym, can’t afford it as I am very poor. I do walk a lot and use only a cheap facial oil for my skin. Maybe I’m lucky but in my mid thirties, I have no wrinkles and no signs of sagging. I’m a mum to one child. I’m a few pounds heavier than I like, but not overweight by any means. Bottom line is, your 30s and even 40s aren’t old, and you can still look great!

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