What You Need To Know About Uma Thurman’s Daughter Maya Hawke

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Do you remember back in the day when Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were Hollywood’s hottest married couple? Since that feels like a zillion years ago, you might be wondering what happened to Uma’s lookalike daughter, Maya. With her mom’s statuesque figure and stunning features, today Maya is a model and an actress, and a name you’ll be hearing about a lot in the future. Here’s all you need to know about the Hawke-Thurman offspring.

Maya sits on the cover of Love Magazine for Spring 2019

Love Magazine has hosted numerous celebrity kids on its covers, including Lily-Rose Depp, Kaia Gerber, Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner. Therefore, it was kind of inevitable that 20-year-old Maya would be next to land a cover on Love. Interviewed by a former schoolmate and fellow actor Lucas Hedges, Maya was perfectly at ease to discuss her career expectations, confessing: “I’m obsessive. I’m so in my head that I can’t not spend time planning, or thinking, or coming up with ideas, or ways in which I want to try to learn.”
As it happens with celebrity kids, the cover fostered mixed reactions, with some people questioning the genetic privilege of stardom. Born into Hollywood royalty, Maya will need to work hard to prove all the naysayers wrong. (Or just learn how to ignore them, as Lily Rose and Kaia did before her.)

She started off as the face of British brand All-Saints

As per the celebrity offspring protocol, Maya kick-started her career with a modeling gig, before zeroing in on acting. At the young age of 18, she became the face of urban fashion brand All Saints. Being a fresh-faced natural beauty with an effortless vibe, she was the perfect ambassador for the brand’s Spring collection. But clearly, modeling isn’t what Maya wants to be known for in the future. As dad Ethan Hawke told E!, Maya took the job so she wouldn’t have to ask him for pocket money. Cute!

Maya will be in Stranger Things Season 3

Eighties throwback series Stranger Things is one of the best things that happened to Netflix lately. It is also Maya’s second serious acting gig, after BBC’s miniseries Little Women, where she is starring as tomboy Jo March. As deadlie.com has revealed, in the third season of Stranger Things, the budding actress is playing Robin, “the alternative girl who is equal parts sharp and playful.” Apart from supporting new talent, the sci-fi series has also brought actress Wynona Ryder back from obscurity.

She is Quentin Tarantino’s muse, just like her mom

This year will be Maya’s big screen debut in Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Starring alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning and Al Pacino we expect this film to catapult Maya to Tarantino-proportions stardom. (Don’t expect a newer version of the Black Mamba though, because that would be too predictable. And Tarantino, as we all know, doesn’t like predictable.) What’s more, Maya won’t be the only actress in the movie who happens to have really, really famous parents. Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, also has a small part in the star-studded film. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is estimated to be one of the biggest films of 2019, and we literally can’t wait for its release date!

Last year Uma Thurman almost took Tarantino down

If you think starring in a Tarantino flick is a no-brainer move for Maya, think again. There’s a ton of background drama in this complex family saga. In the midst of the #Metoo movement, Maya’s famous mom broke her silence about the abuse she was subjected to by serial rapist Harvey Weinstein, Kill Bill’s then-producer. She also took a swipe at Tarantino, accusing him of covering-up a near-fatal accident she had on the set of Kill Bill. Thurman suffered life-changing injuries after Tarantino forced her to film the famous frantic driving scene, despite the fact that she asked for a stunt person to replace her. The backlash against Tarantino was immediate, but Quentin and Uma managed to patch things up after he described the crash as “the biggest regret of my life”. Last May Uma disclosed that she doesn’t rule out making another film with the prolific director. However, he has now offered daughter Maya a ticket to stardom. I have a feeling that the karmic relationship he shares with her mom has something to do with that.

She won’t be an actress who’s famous because of her parents for long

I know what you’re thinking. We got the offspring of Madonna, Johhny Depp, Bruce Willis, the Baldwins, and the Hadids. Most famous people who have procreated want a slice of the action for their children. But there’s something about Maya that makes us think that she might be different. Maybe it’s the fact that she keeps it low-key on social media and Instagram and opts for quality collabs, such as Little Women and most recently, Indie film Ladyworld. Or just the fact that she’s the spitting image of Uma, who is naturally gorgeous in a very un-plastic way. This girl oozes quality. Will she live up to our expectations? I certainly hope so.

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